To start off, I’m really happy you’re taking the time to read about little old me. Not just for sticking your head in over here to find out what’s the deal in this place, but for reading the blog :)

personellietea? Why have you stuck three words together?

At first, it does just look like I’ve positioned my name* in between somewhat relevant words, but to be honest it’s just one awesome pun! personellietea is a play on the word “personality”. Considering a blog is a way for me to express my personality to the world, the name is perfect. So why the tea at the end? I enjoy tea a great deal. I hope to include some tea reviews on my blog in time, but I am quite lazy when it comes to blogging xD

So what goes on around here?

This is a personal blog, but I tend to focus a lot on cosmetics/fragrance. The majority of the products I use and blog about are indie (independant) and are produced with love from terrific crafters and artisans from around the world. Cosmetics and fragrance does not always have to equal big brand and from a department store. Sometimes I do use commercial products, but not as often as I use my indie products :) I only use cruelty free products, and use vegetarian and vegan ingredients and will never endorse or promote/use products which don’t align with my ethics. The majority of the indie brands I link to in my sidebar are predominantly vegan friendly! There are some brands which are not vegan specific brands (the most commonly used non-vegan ingredients in indie makeup formulation are carmine, beeswax, animal sourced glycerin, honey, silk and pearl powder.) however they make many products which are vegan friendly.

Whenever I blog about food it will be of the vegetarian and vegan persuasion. I myself am a vegetarian and my partner, Mr D, is vegan, and I typically eat vegan the majority of the time. However there are days when a tomato and cheese jaffle is pretty tempting!

Just a little about myself.

I’m a never-want-to-grow-up kid in her 20s from Australia. I am a university student, where I am a Microbiology major, and I hope to specialise in bacteriology or clinical microbiology. It’s been a long quest on my educational journey, but I’m a slow starter with these things. Even though it takes me longer, I pick up life experiences in other areas along the way :)

I have a love affair/obsession with all things Pugs and Tapirs, and I hope you too can appreciate their snuggly, giggle-with-delight qualities. There is more to the ‘ugly dog’ and the ‘cow-pig-elephant thing’ ;)

Currently (as of September 2012) I have begun to finally begin learning Norwegian, which has always been a personal goal of mine. I’ve been interested in Scandinavia ever since I was little, and Norway seems to have settled on me :P It’s slow progress, but it’s fun at the same time. I only speak English, so it’s about time I learned another language! The world is far too big and life far too short to only know how to speak 1 language! Other language goals I hope to meet in my lifetime are Japanese, Greek and Finnish – I just had to become interested in 2 very difficult languages there xD

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope all your adventures in life lead you to wondrous discoveries and destinations :)