Solstice Scents – Review

I can’t remember how I first came across Solstice Scents (most likely from blog hopping), but I’m really glad I did because I’ve found some great fragrances.

So far I’ve only sampled the perfume oils, but Solstice Scents also make other bath and body products such as solid soaps, whipped soaps, body lotions & creams as well as facial products. Such a massive variety of products, I’ll have to try some of the other products asap ;)

The store has a medieval apothecary vibe to it, and most of the items for sale are vegan, those which aren’t are clearly specified as such.

I’ve made 2 orders so far, each order was the 5 samples for $12 with a free sample in each order, which you can choose yourself. All samples come in clear glass vials, which hold maybe around 1-2 mls? You will definitely get a generous amount of the perfume to try out. All vials are labelled with a sticker label with the name written on with permanent marker. The fragrances I’ve sampled thus far are

  1. Manor
  2. Dragons Blood
  3. Monster Mash
  4. Devils Millhopper
  5. Jack and The Devil
  6. Lace Draped Spectre
  7. Shoikan Grove
  8. Victorian Tea Room
  9. Cherry Vanilla Amberosia
  10. Thornwood Thicket
  11. Foxcroft
  12. Honeysuckle Green Tea (not pictured)
Fragrance Impressions
Manor – described as “ Woody-Vanilla Musk, Vanilla Accord, Glorious Black Agarwood & Exquisite Aloeswood
My impression – Definitely can smell the woods and vanilla. It’s a creamy scent and quite delicate. Very feminine. The vanilla isn’t a foody sweet vanilla, but it has a nice sweetness to it
Dragons Blood – “ Oriental and Exotic with strong notes of incense, woods, spices, musk, vanilla and amber and other layers including a hint of rose, jasmine, lilac, blood orange, patchouli and grapefruit
This smells exactly how the Tree of Life stores smell! Ah brings back memories of high school this one :D Definitely smells like the incense but I don’t really pick up the grapefruit or blood orange smells. I know I’m not an expert in fragrance, but if they’re there they don’t make themselves known to me. The rose is definitely there.
Monster Mash – “ Mahogany, Amber, Vanilla & Essential Oils of Black Pepper, All Spice, Cardamom and Sandalwood
This smells so very pretty, I love this and is one of my top favourites from the samples. I don’t know what amber and mahogany smell like, but what I can tell you is that this smells slightly fruity and very smooth. I would say it’s a feminine scent. I’m definitely getting this in full size and in other products such as the body ganache.
Devils Millhopper – “ A fresh and green blend of Heather, African Bluegrass EO, Hinoki EO, Oakmoss Absolute, Ho Wood EO, Sandalwood, Rosewood EO, Virginia Cedarwood EO & Muhuhu EO”
Damn, this is GREEN. Smells like a fresh wet bouquet. This is definitely a fragrance to use to make you feel more awake and alert, at least that’s how it works for me :P
Jack and the Devil – “ Vanilla, tobacco, oakmoss, amber, Patchouli, pumpkin and soft spice. Contains vanilla, tobacco and oakmoss absolute with patchouli essential oil and fragrance oils.
I didn’t like this at first. When I first took a smell I was quite put off, it definitely is something I’ve never encountered before. It has a salty sort of smell which makes me think of spicey fruit bread. To me this smells like food, but my boyfriend doesn’t, so I guess take that for what it’s worth. Very smooth and potent, and what I mean by that is that it’s quite strong smelling. If you’re wanting to try something different definitely put this on your list.
Lace Draped Spectre – “ Madagascar Vanilla, Baby’s Breath, Pink Carnation and Green Pepper Essential Oil
The green pepper stands out for me, and I can’t particularly notice the vanilla, but this is a creamy smell. I really like how you get whiffs of floral that mingle with the pepper. This is another unique scent I’ve never encountered before.
Shoikan Grove – “ This blend is comprised primarily of essential oils. Primary notes of Virginia Cedarwood, Spruce, Siberian Fir, Oak and Vanilla with background notes of Muhuhu EO (very woodsy), Jamarosa Root EO, Sandalwood EO, 2 different Frankincense EOs, Wood Smoke, Copaiba and Peru Balsam. More of a masculine blend but also wonderful for Women who appreciate complex woody-smoky-fir scents.
This is another of my favourite scents from this bunch. Comple woody scents – this be it. I don’t really smell the vanilla in this, just the woods. This is a definite ‘me’ scent, and it makes me feel energised when I smell it. Seriously, if you don’t like woody or pine-esque scents, stay away. However if you do, you’re going to love it. Too bad there aren’t any forests which have these trees in Australia :(
Victorian Tea Room – “ An Elegant and Sophisticated Blend of Palmarosa EO, Bergamot EO (Bergeptene Free), Roman Chamomile EO, Kumquat and Orange Marmalade
Marmalade is listed last on this list, but this is the main smell I pick up, and along with the kumquat are the dominant smells. This smells sour and fresh, and not like a candied fruit. This is sweet, but a fruity sweet, not dumped in sugar sweet. I kind of wish this had a black tea note in it, would very much make me want to drink it if it did, so perhaps that it not being here is for the best. However, I do still wish that it had a tea note, but perfume names do not have to be so literal, I just am a tea addict and get crazy when I see tea in a name of anything :p
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia – “ A blend of 2 different ambers, black cherries, maraschino cherries, vanilla fragrance and absolute and a tiny hint of sweet mandarin orange slices
Vanilla and candy sweet fragrance haters need not bother looking at this, for the rest of us who like them or aren’t partial, give this a try. This is another potent fragrance, and it is very sweet, and it smells thick, if that’s possible? The cherries aren’t a sour cherry smell, and they aren’t super fruity either. I can’t explain it, but they smell dark, and I love it when cherry scents are like this. Also don’t worry, this doesn’t smell like some of those awful aritificial cherry smells, cherry lip smackers style. Very sweet and foody. I feel like making a cup of tea everytime I put this on because I keep expecting some sort of biscuit or cake to be around :(
Thornwood Thicket – “ Sugared Blackberries, Black Agarwood, Aloeswood, Sweet and Smokey Guaiacwood & Amber
To be honest, when I first smelled this I was confused, because these smell exactly like grape Zappos (you know, the best kind, I love you too peach zappos but I fell in love with grape first, but now I can’t eat you both because of gelatin grrr) and this grape scent seems to be very dominant. For those who don’t have access to the glory that are Zappos, this smells like sour grape. It isn’t until the perfume sits on the skin for a few minutes does the grape wander off and the blackberry come out. I’m actually a little disappointed with this fragrance because I was expecting more blackberry, but when it does come out it’s quite delicate and subtle :( I don’t know what these other woods that are listed smell like, but you can smell a woodiness to it, but the fruit are stronger.
Foxcroft – “ Ozone, Rustling Leaves, Rich Black Soil, Chimney Smoke & Woods
Far out, if this is the smell of Autumn in the northern hemisphere I’m severely missing out living down here :( I definitely smell the soil and the leaves, and after a while the smoke becomes a bit more dominant. I don’t really know what ozone is (I’ve read differing things), but if this is what’s making this smell cold and fresh, I like it. Definitely grabbing this in full size when I can. Probably not something I’d wear everyday, but I wouldn’t spare it for special occasions either, more like a 3 times a week sort of deal :P
Honeysuckle Green Tea – “ Honeysuckle paired with a delicate and refreshing green tea and a few drops of lemon myrtle essential oil
A rather simple and clean smell. Nothing complex, nothing unique, but damn this smells terrific. I love the smell of honeysuckle. There’s a bush of it in someone’s front garden that I walk by when I go to the train station, and everytime I smell it, it makes me crazy happy and makes me feel like something great is about to happen, now I have it combined with green tea and lemon myrtle, and it’s like I have the trinity of perfection available in my pocket….wherever I go. Lemon myrtle is a native plant to Australia, and I love drink lemon myrtle tea, but sadly I don’t really pick it up as much as I do the green tea note. However, I love this and will definitely purchase MANY full sizes and will become my everyday fragrance, or as a mood booster. This is very floral and feminine.
Most of these perfume oils last around 4-5 hours on my skin, with some of the potent perfumes such as Cherry Vanilla Amberosia, Shoikan Grove and Foxcroft lasting longer.
I thoroughly recommend Solstice Scents if you are after some basics and complex fragrances. Often many of the same fragrances are available in the other products such as the soaps and body lotions, so you can have super fun with them :D I definitely will be shopping again.