Shiro Cosmetics Gloss – Swatch and Review – Alkahestry, Eye Contact, Flamethrower, Masterball and Mushroom

About a month ago, Shiro released their new fantastic, custom option of creating a lipgloss out of any of their lip safe eyeshadows and blushes . Can you imagine the frenzy that set a lot of fans and bloggers in? I was pretty damn excited, because I ready to get ALL THE ORANGE, until I realised Shiro actually has a lot of other colours which tickle my fancy.

If you’ve purchased a lip gloss from Shiro before, either their This Is Halloween colour, or any of the glosses from this previous xmas, it uses the same formula, however now this time you get to choose the opacity. I remember reading some reviews who felt the xmas glosses were too sheer, but really loved the formula. Now you can have you gloss, and eat it too…if you like, but I don’t really recommend that.

So let’s get right in to this thing then!


What I ordered:

  • Alkahestry (sheer)
  • Eye Contact (moderate)
  • Flamethrower (moderate)
  • Masterball (moderate)
  • Mushroom (moderate)

Like I said before, the base these glosses use is identical to previous glosses Shiro has released. The colour you want is entirely up to you! Just make sure it is lip safe, every listing on the website states clearly whether the products are lip safe or not, so do pay close attention. It says it smells lightly of pure rich chocolate, but to be honest it doesn’t really smell all that scented to me, so this should appease those who prefer little or no fragrance with the glosses. There is also no taste as well. The gloss itself is ultra smooth, super shiny, not sticky at all and is highly moisturing. It’s a lovely formula :) The colours I have, only one really contains a high level of sparkles/shimmer, Alkahestry, but I didn’t feel any gritty feeling on my lips. I also find that they aren’t very heavy at all on the lips. Are they long lasting? Well they do good up until you eat and drink, which is pretty much the life cycle of lip glosses. I have not noticed any staining with the colours I have purchased, but cannot comment on any other colours. Your custom lip gloss has the option of whatever opacity level you choose. The ranges are sheer, moderate and opaque (with an extra 50c charge for the opaque option.). I asked Caitlin about the difference between sheer and moderate, and if any of her existing products fell into that range. I was responded with that This Is Halloween is on the moderate-opaque, and Red Ryder (from the xmas collection, I asked because that’s the only gloss in the xmas collection I own) is sheer to moderate, but more on the sheer end. This description I found very helpful, as I did have the glosses from previous collection to refer to. I hope this bit of information is helpful to those who also have previous glosses and weren’t sure on their opacity levels.

I’ve definitely found these glosses to be able to be layered, to intense their opacity. I have swatches showing how their intensity changes, when layered with only an extra coat or two.

I also layered Masterball over Shiro’s Over 900 intertube. I found masterball to be more blue tone purple, then red tone purple as per the website photo. Purple can be a real PITA to photograph correctly. I didn’t have that eyeshadow as a sample, and I went searching for swatches, and I thought I had an average colour in mind sorted. I wish I had ordered it  as sheer, because as moderate it’s too dark for my liking :( However it does magic with pink lipsticks :D Turns them into such a pretty mauve colour! In fact the swatch I did reminds me so much of Mauve Outta Here from Wet’n’Wild :D So as a layering gloss, I like Masterball very much. To wear on it’s own, not so much :(

Flamethrower can be a tad strong on the yellow side, but it’s also great in layering over oranges and corals. This is another colour I wish I had as sheer, but I’ll make this work for sure :) I might even try mixing another of my lip safe orange pigments to adjust the colour.

Eye Contact is one of those MLBB colours for me. It’s pretty effortless, and is incredibly pretty. I can confidently wear this one alone.

Alkahestry is everything I wanted Wylful Wyvern from GCC to be. It’s more purple than WW and it had some pretty intense blue shimmers in it. I chose to get this colour in sheer, because it’s not a colour I can wear alone in a higher opacity. At sheer it is so lovely, and really adds some dimension to your lips. Layering? YOU BET BOYS AND GIRL. This would be so so so awesome over anything, to give it a little boost. I want to play with this one some more.

Mushroom reminds me a lot of Type A from Fyrinnae. Apparently Type A is being discontinued,  so if you really dig the colour, Mushroom is a pretty bad ass dupe for it. I’ll try and get a side by side comparison for the two.


When I purchased my glosses they came in jars with screw lids. Highly messy little buggars :( However, Shiro has taken on the overwhelming feedback and has switched the packaging option to 10mL squeeze tube. I repotted my glosses into tubes, with doe foot applicators.


I paid $7 for the glosses (potted) and it looks the price has increased by 50c to $7.50 for the new packaging, squeeze tubes. I find the price to still be reasonable, especially as it’s a custom product. I would love to see a discount deal for the glosses, like Shiro offers with the intertubes.


All were swatched over bare lips, and photographed in natural sunlight (next to a window). Any that I have layered over a colour, they are noted. Also I have swatched the same colour twice, with the more sheer application and then with a heavier application.

My bare lips for reference

For comparison, the swatch of Type A from Fyrinnae, if you wanted to compare. I would say that Mushroom has a tad more orange, whilst Type A is more brown, but to me they’re quite close!

Lasting Impressions

I’ve already got more glosses on the way! I’m very happy with the glosses I have, love the formula and I think that I’ll definitely come back to choose more custom options with every release Shiro puts out for their eyeshadows. The only complaint I had about these glosses was the packaging, but that already been addressed and altered before I had a chance to say anything ;) I would love to see Shiro release some matte colours in their collection sometime, because I bet that would attract even more fans. I think having the option of matte/low sheen shadows would help with people who are afraid of ‘the frosty lip’ that some shimmers and metallics can give, and I totally agree, I am one of those frostryphobic people. A+, 10/10, would buy again ;)