September Stinks- ZOMG Smells Jerk-Ass Botany Collection: Death Camas, Horse Chestnut and Malevolence

This is my first foray into ZOMG smells. They’ve been a company that’s been on my ‘to-try’ list for a while, but I always get caught up with new indie perfumeries that I forget all the other I have listed. I decided to get in with this new limited collection, Jerk-Ass Botany , and try a few samples.

The theme seems to involve the darker and nastier side of the plant kingdom, which immediately caught my interest, not only as a life scientist, but also because herbal/green/woods tickle my perfume fancy ;) I decided to try 3 of the 5: Death Camas, Horse Chestnut and Malevolence.

The set is available as samples, which ZOMG titles as ‘squees’ which are the typical 1 mL sample vial with plastic wand applicator. I purchased my samples through a perfume decant circle, which is why I was able to get 3 of the 5, as ZOMG only sell the samples as a complete set. When you break it down, that’s $3.75 per sample vial.

All scent descriptions taken from ZOMG Smells website.

Death Camas

This heinous little bulb whose naughtiness is betrayed too late by its pretty little white flowers inspired us to mix up a pale, dusty floral over a lurking base of moss and doom. There’s the faintest little catch of decaying sweetness left by the poor bugger that stayed for a snack a few months ago. Orris, lilac, hay, oakmoss, and elemi.

This opens as a very light, fresh green-ish floral. Think of fresh burst of cut flowers and this is the opening. It makes me think of lillies at times because of how succulent and juicy the opening smells. The lilac is the noticeable note here and it’s very pretty and feminine. This comes across during the dry down as slightly powdery, and it of course loses that initial fresh burst. The floral notes become a little sweeter as it dries down as well, and hugs quite close to the skin. I don’t really get the hay or oakmoss, but there is a bit of warmth in this fragrance which stops it from just floating away. The sad thing about this is that on my skin this did not last for over an hour. Definitely one to check out if you enjoy light floral scents, and green type scents. Feminine.

Horse Chestnut

A woody and masculine scent, not sweet and not foody at all. Cedar, vetiver, khus, patchouli, sedge, lederhosen accord, and a tiny speck of basil.

The description pretty much nails it. I’m a little confused as to why they specify that it’s ‘not foody at all’. I guess it’s to tell you that it smells nothing like regular chestnuts, because the rest of the notes listed (minues the basil) don’t give me the impression of foody scents. Regardless this is a stunning blend that I feel really comforted when I wear it. It has a slightly bitter herbal run to it, which at times almost comes across as anise on my skin. This blend smells like something you would definitely come across in the outdoors, and I’m always delighted by fragrances that get that right. This opens as astringent, dry and warm, and as it dries down the dryness and astringency smooth out and it becomes just a warm, woody number which I find quite soothing. I’m still trying to work out the lederhosen accord xD This lasted about 2-2.5 hours on my skin and had a slight throw to it.


Fresh tomato leaf, slighlty overripe muscadine grapes, petitgrain and wormwood for that hint of sharp evil, cedarwood and a touch of our earthiest gardening-dirt patchouli.

The tomato leaf is all throughout this blend, that unmistake whiff of the garden. So for those who enjoy it for a little while but want it to fade, will maybe not enjoy this as much. Slightly brushing those leaves aside there is something slightly floral to it, maybe this is from the grape note? The grapes however are quite noticeable but are blended quite nicely at times however I find this particular grape to smell a little like grape lollies and find it a little distracting. The rest of the blend keeps it grounded and doesn’t translate as grape lollies and tomato leaf. There’s a little dryness to this, but it’s smoother over with the sweet grape. The cedar doesn’t dominate either. On the dry down it warms into a more earthy and dirty fragrance, with some of the sweetness from the grape fading away, the tomato leaf still present. A unisex fragrance, possibly leaning feminine because of the sweet grape. Those who enjoy herbals and a good old fashioned tomato leaf note are going to really enjoy this. I found this to last about 2 hours on my skin.

Overall I am quite pleased with these fragrances, with Horse Chestnut being my favourite of the three. Can I ever have enough blended with cedar and patchouli? Not really :P I found the blends to be thought out and well put together and whilst I still am not sure what’s up with the lederhosen accord :P I like the vibe I get from ZOMG, and am interested in placing an order with them soon to grab some more samples. Have you tried ZOMG smells before?