REVIEW: Sleek True colour lipsticks in Dare, Smoulder and Succumb

Always on the hunt for a new lipstick to love and obsess over. Always. Today I have some Sleek Lipstick swatches and a review.

The past year my makeup has been quite minimal, with the majority of the focus on the lips, so I’ve been branching out with my lipstick collection, suffice to say I’ve accumulated a forest now. Sleek needs no introduction. They are well known for their iDivine eyeshadow palettes, of which I possess three (review will be coming some time) and I was so impressed with them that I wanted to try their lipsticks. Off to youtube and blogs I went to find swatches, but I couldn’t find many for the colours I was after, so I had a bit of a blind buy, but gladly for me it turned out mostly positive. There are some pros and cons with these lipsticks, but this might be down to personal preference as well as the shape of my lips.


I purchased three lipsticks (descriptions provided from

  • Dare (matte finish) “dark burgundy”
  • Smoulder (sheen finish) “deep berry red”
  • Succumb (sheen finish) “brown with a pink undertone”

I find the descriptions to be quite true though I think that perhaps Smoulder is more brown than berry. It’s a great colour to wear at full blast, or even more demurely when you apply, then blot, for a stained look. I love the versatility I can get with this colour.

Succumb is quite a unique colour for me, and is one I haven’t seen in Priceline, nor in other reviews. I’m a yellow toned girl, so many of the nudes with a pink base look jarring on me sometimes and I get the sickly look about them. I tend to look for colours that have a brown tone to them as I find them to be very flattering for my fair, yellow toned skin. At least I think so anyway, hahaha. This is one of my “special” nudes that I wear when I want to look a little more put together, as it does give a little something else to the look than a typical nude might.

Dare is a pretty maroon type colour and is such a perfect colour for winter at the moment. Great for those days when you want a darker lip but don’t want to make the full commitment to a super vampy lip.


The level of pigmentation in the shades I have are exceptional. Even the sheens have quite a good level of pigmentation from one pass, and I found that with Smoulder that you can get varying levels of depth with the colour, which I love because sometimes I’m just not ready for a dark berry.

Out of the two finishes I prefer the sheens. I find them more comfortable to wear throughout the day, and I love how they look on the lips. They glide on exceptionally smooth and are intensely creamy, which does, for me at least, lead to them sliding outside my lip line :( I’ve got quite small lips, so sometimes even with application it can look messy if I don’t take the time, so it bums me that sometimes during the day they begin to move around. Don’t get me wrong, these won’t end up sliding up to your nose or anything like that. I guess I talk too much so my lipstick suffers a little more than normal. I have found that wearing a lipliner with the sheens to help keep them in place. I get about 2-3 hours wear before I feel the need to reapply, and I can generally reapply on top without any additional gunkiness. Due to their creaminess I found these to transfer easily to cups etc., but there’s still a decent level of colour left on the lips, just the shine has diminished. I have never felt that the sheens dry out my lips, but I do find them lightly moisturising, so I don’t feel the need to wear a lip balm underneath. As in, when I wipe them off with a tissue, the lips don’t feel paper dry, but have a natural level of moisture to them. I hope that makes sense. In summary, the sheens are a great formula, and as long as I wear a lip liner I am guaranteed a good time.

The matte however is a different story. Maybe it’s this particular colour, I’m not sure, but this can be tricky in a few ways. First off, this is a true matte, no shine whatsoever with this product. Check. The application was always a little bit of a struggle as I found my tube to be more on the dry side and would skip over the lips in places. When on the lips, it can make my lips look a little on the dry side as well, but once the colour is on, it’s on, and I can get 3-4 hours wear. When I do reapply I typically remove residual colour from the lips, as in my experience it will cling to any patches of lipstick and look a little flakey. That’s another thing, this particular shade, Dare, is not forgiving if you have any flaky skin on your lips. It will highlight those areas and make them look darker, so do make sure you exfoliate your lips before wearing this. I didn’t experience any bleeding outside the lipline and I found this to not transfer very easily at all, which was a plus. I did find the lipstick drying, which is my real complaint with this shade, so I only wear this lipstick now if I have a lip balm underneath. It might give the lip a little less of a matte look, but I’d rather keep the lips as comfortable as possible. I still find this a good lipstick in terms of pigmentation and how long it lasts, I just want a matte that isn’t as drying.


I don’t have anything new to contribute, as Sleek have not changed their packaging. The tubes feel of quality, and the caps click in to place securely. You wouldn’t be able to tell how low cost these lipsticks are based on their packaging.


$7.49. I’m unsure what currency this is, but most likely US dollars.


I typically have lip swatches *and* full face shots, but it seems I’ve accidentally deleted them -_- A+ for effort. So for now there are only lip swatches. I will try to remedy this and get full face shots with these lipsticks when I can. Sorry guys! :(

Bare lips for reference with clear lip balm:



Smoulder – sheerer application + more opaque application

Purchase again?

Most definitely, at least for the sheen formulas. I am quite keen on trying some of their purples and grabbing a few of the more unique colours. For me to want to purchase a matte, I will be doing my research and seeing if other shades in the matte formula have similar issues as I had experienced. If they do, I will probably end up skipping them. I am one of those people that dislike having to make a product work, you get me? For the price, I’m rather impressed, so I definitely look forward to trying a few more shades.