Review: Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

We all do it. Okay, not all of us. There is a sect of us within the beauty community and outside who for one reason or another has to pick up a handcream half the time when they go out shopping. What is this magical appeal that hand creams seem to pull over us? To be honest, not that many years ago I didn’t give much thought to my hands. I bit my nails, I never painted them, I didn’t use cream/lotion/oil. Then I stopped biting my nails and it all of a sudden became a mission for me to make sure I didn’t fall back in to old habits, so I picked up some new habits. Wait, that’s not how you get rid of habits xD Anyway, I’ve amassed a collection of hand creams, different textures, scents, brands etc. Trying to find “the very best” *cue Pokemon original season theme music*.

I’m quite a fan of Natio products, I like the branding, the ethos, the fact they’re an affordable cruelty free Australian owned company and that I can always expect good quality products every time I shop. On a shopping trip many, MANY months ago I picked up their Orange Blossom Hand Cream, because it was one of those 5 times out of 10 shopping trips. I didn’t really need a new handcream, I just wanted to try something different, and because I know the Natio brand I thought why not.

Product / Packaging

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

The cream comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a flip top cap. Pretty standard stuff, nothing new here. The hand cream claims to “soften and protect” and to have the “fresh scent of an orange grove in bloom”. I’ve never been to an orchard, or a grove, but we did have a few citrus trees in our backyard, does this count? haha. This smells like a citrus tree, but it also smells quite astringent and a little bitter. Bitter like the rinds of oranges. It does have a little sweetness to it, but overall it just smell very green. If you were expecting this to smell like straight up orange or a delicate floral, it won’t be happening. The aroma from this cream is also quite strong as well. When I apply this to my hands, D can smell it from the other room. So I typically don’t apply this when I’m on the train or the bus, because I don’t want to annoy people who have issues with strong scent. The scent does linger, but it is pretty much a whisper of what it once was and you would have to bring your hands to your nose to be able to smell the scent. If strong scented products frustrate you, I would skip this product


I didn’t really find this to nourish or soothe my hands in any way. They did help them to feel soft, but I think this is more to do with the silicones in the product, which give the silky texture to the skin. My skin on my hands after extended use I don’t feel to have any major changes. If I had any hang-nails or hard cuticles this didn’t really help much at all to soften them. I find this cream to be more suitable as a barrier cream, to protect your hand against chapping on cold and windy days, but to provide nourishment, I didn’t find this to hit the spot for me. Which is a shame as there are some good oils present in this product: apricot kernel, jojoba and rose.

The cream itself has a thick texture and doesn’t run or slide over the skin, which is a texture I prefer in a hand cream. There’s nothing worse than a cream that slides all over the place and feeling greasy. It’s the formula is quite luxurious feeling in that regard. When applying this absorbs quite fast with no sticky residue and no lingering wet feeling.

Overall Impression

I wasn’t too thrilled with this hand cream. It didn’t give me the moisture I wanted, but it did make my hands feel very soft. However I can’t help thinking that the softness is just due to the silicones in this product. I wouldn’t repurchase this again as I have plenty of other hand creams to use up, also I’m finding that silicone based creams are just not my preference. Although this does absorb in to the skin and have a lovely thick texture, I’d much prefer a formula that has a buttery base. I will however continue to try any other Natio hand creams that pop up in the future, as I enjoy the brand.