Review: Australis Go Camo concealer in Medium

Basically my concealer world needed a revisit. Why? My go to concealer, 16 hour all day long lasting concealer from Essence is discontinued in stores in Australia. It is my perfect concealer. It was thin, very spreadable, was able to spot conceal as well as to be used under the eyes. I don’t have dark circles, but a little extra brightening couldn’t hurt. I have a tube right now that’s on it’s last legs, so the search is on to try and find a homegrown alternative before I feel the need to go and try and find somewhere on the internet. Also, D’s sister was in love with the Essence concealer along with me, so we’re both on the prowl.

So here comes Australis….maybe. We were both shopping a few months back, and we stumbled across this. Could this be the cure to what ails us? I’ve never really looked at Australis for concealers before, because they always seemed to have the stick (lipstick shaped) ones, and they are just not the consistency I want for a concealer. Different needs for different people. So I was surprised to see this pop up in Priceline. So let’s take a little look at what Go Camo promises ( taken from the Australis website )

What is it?

An ultra long- lasting full coverage concealer that is waterproof with a matte finish.

Why we love it

Contains Tocopheryl acetate which is an anti-oxidant that slows the skins aging process. It is also Oil free!

I am vegan friendly

Can we just hold the phone right here. I am absolutely blown away that this concealer is Vegan , and combined with the fact that Australis is a Choose Cruelty Free accredited brand (no animal testing whatsoever in any part of the process, so they are a cruelty free brand), well this makes for a seriously affordable, vegan concealer. I’m so glad to see Australis begin to label on their website whether their products are vegan friendly or not. A+, 10/10.

The concealer currently comes in 3 shade selections: Light, Medium and Dark . I’m used to be the lightest or near lightest for Australis face products, so colour me surprised when I turned out to be Medium in this product line. I’m a MAC NC15 with yellow undertones for reference. Whereas D’s sister, who is a NW15 with more pink/red undertones is Light. I tried the Light tone, and it was too pink for my skin, so it looks like these are quote tonal ranged. I can’t comment on the Dark as I didn’t swatch it instore.


This is a clear, plastic squeeze tube with quite a fine applicator tip to it. Really though, that applicator is small for a reason. This concealer is super easy to go overboard with, so the tiniest amount is needed. More on that later though.


Go Camo retails for $11.95 on the Australis website, but I purchased mine from Kmart when they were running a $3 off promotion, so I paid $8.95. I know Priceline and Big W regularly have Australis discount promotions, so definitely keep your eyes open for those!

Product Performance

I basically waited for a day where I had a few quite obvious red blemishes (in this case these are pimples, lucky me -_-) to take some photos for review. I’ll show the photos first, then discuss the product afterwards.

Before: You can see the red spots on my chin area. These are what I am focussing on. I did not apply concealer anywhere else on my face, just to those red spots.

After: The cover up job.

Go Camo does a pretty good job in covering over the redness. You can see that it’s even covered the freckle/mole I had underneath one of the pimples. This is one of the only times I will use a pimple on my face as a reference point, or, to invite others to look for it :P So if it’s covering a darkly pigmented freckle/mole, then to me it’s coverage factor is excellent. It’s helped out even out the skin in the surrounding area. However, there’s a small sacrifice, and I’ll show you now:

Close up of the chin area. As you can see, it appears very dry, and a little rough when you don’t blend it asap or apply too much.

Go Camo dries to a complete matte finish and give a very dry appearance (it’s texture is also somewhat on the dry side as well, despite it being in cream formula), so it will be prone to patchy application if you use too much, or if you wait too long to blend it out. Oh yeah, let me explain to you how much of a beast this is. You pretty much have 5 seconds to get this blended out, or you’re going to have a bad time. Not even exaggerating here. If you’re used to dotting concealer over your face, then going back to blend in, like I am, you’re going to have to change your game with this concealer. It sets very quickly, so pretty much as soon as you dot it on, you have to blend it in right away. However once it sets, there’s no moving this. I tried washing this off the back of my arm from my swatch, and water alone did not move it. My dishwashing detergent couldn’t even move it properly o.O Pretty intense. It came off easily with my oil cleanser though, so I’m glad for that, because I would not fancy having to rub at my face with a face towel to get concealer off.

As well as being  dry, this is also a thick concealer, something I’m not used to. So it’s a learning curve for me, because I’m used to my old favourite with it’s watery formula, which can be forgiving if I apply too much. Go Camo I’ve found is definitely not very forgiving, due to how quickly it sets on the skin as well as the amount you apply.

As I mentioned earlier, the tube has a fine tip applicator, and you will needed the smallest amount. Forget about pea sized, we’re talking about 1/2 or even 1/4 that amount. A little goes a long way for coverage, just as long as you blend it in quickly. This tube will definitely last a while.

Here’s what I squirted out for a product photo, and this is WAY too much. If you’ve got multiple blemishes you’re looking to cover up, I’d highly recommend squirting smaller amounts and applying as you go, otherwise the concealer is more than likely to set on the back of your hand/palette/whatever you use.

However this does have the capability to blend out quite nicely. Here’s a swatch on my wrist, showing it being blended out. I used my finger to blend this out.

I’ve used this under my Natio BB cream, and it definitely holds on and doesn’t smear around. However, when I do apply the BB cream on top, I go very lightly over the concealed areas, because I do not want to layer anymore product over the area. I would not recommend layering powder on top, it’s already dry enough as is and I would imagine any extra powder may cause the concealed areas to look caked on.

What I like

  • vegan formula
  • only a little amount is needed
  • excellent coverage
  • budgeproof and waterproof formula

What I don’t like

  • It’s a bit of a learning curve for me, as I’m used to watery concealers
  • How quickly it sets, not enough time to get an adequate blend, so prone to looking dry, patchy and possibly cakey
  • Cannot be used under the eyes. It’s simply too dry and thick, which means I would need a separate product for undereye work

I think however that perhaps I may try blending this concealer with a little bit of my Natio BB cream and then apply, to see if it’ll help with ease of blending and application.

Overall, I do not dislike this, I think it’s quite an excellent concealer. It’s great for pinpoint work, however it cannot be used under the eyes, so I don’t get the evening out/brightening ability that my old concealer provided for me. I don’t think I could use this for concealing around my nose either, because the skin around my nose is more rough than the rest of my face. I would imagine if I added this concealer to that area, the skin would look even more rough. It’s a little bit fiddly, but once you get it on, it’s not going anywhere. I just think there’s a few things I need to practice and get to know properly to get this concealer to be my best friend.

You can buy Go Camo concealer from Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Target as well as the website where it retails for $11.95. Don’t forget that if you’re a university student, join the unidays program and you will get a 25% off discount for all  products when you order from the Australis website.