Performance Colors – Matte Cream and Restorative Lipstick swatches + review

Performance Colors is a store on Etsy which was highly recommended to me by some friends to try out their cream shadows. Unfortunately the cream shadows did not work so well for me and my oily lids, however the lipsticks that Tiffany makes are a whole other story. I made an order in early 2012 for 3 full sizes and some samples, and I liked them. The more frostier ones I am not fond, but that’s my personal preferences. Looking at my lipstick/lipgloss drawer, it looked like it could use more neutral/softer colours, and I remembered Performance Colours and made an order before xmas. When they arrived, I just knew I had to get up off my butt and swatch these for you, so that’s what prompts this post for today ;)

Product + Performance

I took advantage of the I ordered :

  • Buff (matte)
  • Posh (matte)
  • Pink Choco (matte)
  • Desert Rose (matte)
  • Hibiscus (matte)
  • Ginger Heart (matte)

I also originally ordered 3 samples, but Tiffany was generous to include them for free, and even threw in a bonus (Black Rose) and upgraded the sample of Ruby to full size!

The samples:

  • Rocket (shimmer)
  • Black Cherry (shimmer)
  • Black Rose (shimmer)
  • Orchid (matte)
  • Coral Kiss (shimmer)
  • Ruby (upgraded to full size) (shimmer)

Petal, Cool Pink, Mango, Peachy and Malibu were from my previous order. I have Mango, Peachy and Malibu in full size, the rest are samples.

The lipsticks all glide on very smoothly, and are a creamy type, even the shimmery ones. They have a lovely, velvety texture that moisturises the lips. My lips never felt sticky or heavy. The downside with the formula, as they are creamy, they will not last long. However, I did notice some of these leave a stain behind, which may or may not be beneficial to you. I wore Posh yesterday, and it left a pretty pink stain behind, but was not the same colour as the lipstick. Now, I don’t really mind as it didn’t clash with my makeup (I say makeup, but come on, it was just mascara and cream blush.) but maybe this might be a little finicky for some people. All the lipsticks have a vanilla scent, and are sweetened with Stevia. If you have an allergy to Stevia, unfortunately this product is a no-go zone for you :( I am not super huge on the vanilla scent, but I am fussy with vanillas in general. The scent does disappear after a short while, it’s mainly just the sweetening you taste on your lips. I find it to be very mild. Some of the finishes are shimmery, and can come across as frosty if applied heavily, so I use them sparingly. The colour payoff with these lipsticks (except the ones noted as semi-sheer) are absolutely brilliant. Many are 1 coat wonders, and you’d only need a second coat to catch any areas you might have missed on first application. I love how opaque they are! The semi sheer formula I have, Ruby, I built up to an opacity I liked, but with most sheer products, you’ll almost never get 100% opacity anyway.

The products are not vegan, they are however vegetarian (the inclusion of beeswax in the formula). There are however some colors in the range which do contain carmine , which of course does not make them vegetarian friendly. Whilst the lipsticks have a full ingredients list, it does contain a ‘may contain:….’ list, which does mention carmine. So make sure to check the listing thoroughly before you order, or send a message over to Tiffany.


The full sizes are packaged in lipbalm tubes, and the samples in mini clamshells. The tubes come with a label that looks professional, and an ingredients listing (even though it does contain a ‘may contains’ listing, which is something that intimidate a vegetarian/vegan shopper like myself). I would say I have average sized lips, and found I had no problems applying this straight from the tube. It seemed to fit my cubids bow areas quite nicely, so I didn’t have to angle it etc. Clean and study packaging.


I took advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free offer, which was for $10 . Super bargain, as each lipstick individually is $5 . Which is still a bargain! You can in groups of 3 for $3 . Postage to Australia was $4. My total for this order was $24.00.


Everything was swatched over bare lips. Say hello to frizzy hair! I’m sure you can overlook that, considering I swatched these on that PATHETICALLY DISGUSTING 43c DAY IN HELL we had on Wednesday in NSW. It was even 31c for the whole evening, and didn’t cool down to the low 20s until 5am :/

Bare lips for reference

Now on to the swatches! I changed them again, just to make it one image, so it doesn’t make the page look cluttered.

Lasting Impressions

This is a legit lovefest going on here! I am thrilled with the quality of these lipsticks, and how much colour payoff I get from them. The only suggestion I have for improvement is with the labelling (if it is at all feasible). There are many shades available, currently at 48 colours , and there are many neutral/office friendly shades as well as more bolder colours. My orange obsession is hoping for more oranges. You all saw that coming. I know I will be making more orders soon to grab some of those reds! I seem to be in mood for reds and neutrals lately. Summer heat is affecting me. That’s my only explanation from deviating away from classic orange.

Have you ever tried Performance Colours?

Later taters!