My Pretty Zombie – Swatches – Part 3 of 4

This is the last post of My Pretty Zombie eyeshadow swatches! Part 4 will be the blush swatches.

Miasma is the stand out for me in this group. It is an amazing duochrome shade, that starts out life as a mustard yellow, then morphs into a peachy pink thanks to the red/pink sheen it has. I couldn’t catch the shift on camera, but you should be able to see a little of the sheen I’m talking about. This is a very unique shade, and deserves a place in your makeup collection. Friday, my next favourite, is a beautiful metallic gunmetal-esque type of colour, which would make such an awesome liner.

In all, I have been very impressed with all the shadows I’ve purchased from My Pretty Zombie. Some colours may be a tad annoying to apply (the glitterbombs like Law Firm Lamb Cake, Thunderpants and Unicorn Pee) but the colour pay off is brilliant.

All swatched over Pixie Epoxy and photographed outdoors in indirect sunlight. Click to enlarge.