My Pretty Zombie – Swatches – Part 1 of 4

I recently tried a new brand, My Pretty Zombie. I’m making this into a serious of posts (as they’re photo heavy, and want to reduce loading time), as I ordered 15 eyeshadow samples and 2 full sized blushes. I will post a review on the last batch of eyeshadow posts (I’ll review the blush separately of course).

Today’s post is purely a swatcherooni swatchfest, so enjoy the pictures! :)

I swatched over Pixie Epoxy, and all the photos are taken outdoors with indirect sunlight.

Click to enlarge. I recommend to use a sticky base when wearing Agonys Decay, due to the glitter. You definitely want it to stay put, because it would really be a shame if it dropped off during wear. I’m not very glittery person when it comes to cosmetics, but I really like the glitter in Agonys Decay. It’s my favourite colour of this bunch, with Scurvy behind it. I would love to use Scurvy, Agonys Decay and Abyssal Gems together :)