My Pretty Zombie – Blush – Part 4 of 4

Apologies for the lengthy time it’s taken me to post these! I mentioned in a previous post that blogging would be irregular, as we have D’s brother staying with us. Anyway, I have time this afternoon, so I’m going to see how many I can knock out and then publish them at a later date :)

This is the final part of my My Pretty Zombie swatch series, and these are the blushes. I ordered 6-MAM and LSD in full size jars. Both are vegan blushes, and at this time of writing these are the only vegan blushes that My Pretty Zombie offers.

I don’t own many blushes of this colour range (you all know my expressed emotions regarding the colour orange and it’s peachy coloured friends.), and I find LSD incredibly unique! I’m no blush expert, but dammmnnnn, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It has a copper sheen to it with a matte, pale-ish lavender base. The sheen/shimmer is very fine, so no worries on any obvious glitter on my cheeks nonsense. 6-MAM is a warm berry kind of colour, which I find very flattering for my yellow based, light toned skin. 6-MAM is the more heavily pigmented of the two, and has a very subtle shimmer to it.

6-MAM is my favourite of the pair, and the colour I find most wearable for me. In my yellow bathroom lighting, LSD freaked me out. It looked very ashen and not at all natural coloured on my face. In outdoor lighting, you can see the copper sheen and it DID NOT look like how it did in the bathroom lighting. Infact, it looks very sheer. So I took some pics of both on (not wearing underneath, just straight blush on my face.), and I should’ve taken a photo of my bare cheek before I began, because LSD kinda makes me feel like you can’t see it properly in the photo.

This is LSD. Maybe it’s the shade which is dulling it, but I’m not sure if you can see it in action here. I’ve done an arm swatch of LSD as well (swatched over bare skin)

My arm is much paler than my face, which is why you can see it show up a bit more brighter. Like I said before, I found LSD to be on the sheer side, which you can see in the blended out swatch. However it can be built up.

This is 6-MAM in action, and is more ‘noticeable’. It’s pretty amazing, how this looks purple-ish in the jar, and it rubs out into a very natural looking dark pink. I like 6-MAM a LOT

Here’s the arm swatch for 6-MAM

Now for some product shots :)

The jar this comes in is rather sweet (I have a thing for squares, and damnit it IS HIP to be square. Dat right angle.) and is a great size. What I mean by that is that I can shake some out into the lid it came with, and my brush fits very nicely in there. The labelling on these blushes gets me all sciencey, and makes me want to finally pass Chem 1 so I can move on to Chem 2 (organic chemistry. I have no explanation as to why I like organic chemistry and find it more easier to understand than inorganic. Maybe it’s because I get to draw all the carbon chains and rings? :D ) . On the back of the jar is a very legible ingredients listing.

If after more testing I find LSD to be not really working for my face as blush, I’ll double check to see if it’s eyesafe, and start using it as an eyeshadow. Recycling ;)

Full size jars of blush are $8 and can be purchased from