My little Fyrinnae collection **swatches**

My Fyrinnae collection is the smallest collection I have amongst all my indie makeup. I mentioned in my previous lip lustres post that I found myself not really spending that much with Fyrinnae and found myself forgetting about them from time to time. It’s not because the quality is lacking, because it isn’t. Just that I’ve found loves with other indie formulators and have become friends with some of the store owners, and I of course don’t feel that connection with Fyrinnae because I don’t know them and I rarely see them on their social media channels. So I don’t get a feel of the people behind the business, so if I don’t visualise a face, I tend to forget :( With that being said, I do LOVE all the Fyrinnae products I’ve purchased and the gifts with purchase, and have yet to come across a dud. So like many others, I share their love for the extreme quality of their product :) The other week I decided to swatch my eyeshadow collection that I have from Fyrinnae and I’m posting them here tonight on my blog. So let’s get to it!

All swatched over Pixie Epoxy, under a day light bulb.