Haus of Gloi – White Peach, White Blackberry, Rose City and Troika – Review

Apologies for this post being rather late! Just been caught up with many other things, like say, second semester of uni :P These reverie scents should still be in stock though, so hopefully I’m not too out of time!

Every so often, as you keen HOG’ers know, HOG release scents through their Reverie ‘line’.  A few months back, we’re talking May-June now, there was a drop which intrigued me so. D is a big fan of White Raspberry, and there were 2 new fragrances to the white range, White Peach and White Blackberry. So I picked them up for D to try, and I noticed a rose perfume. I was ready to skip that, because sometimes I find rose to be a little obvious for my taste (which is rich of me saying so, considering all the herbals and woods I enjoy). I decided to actually read the description to find it was blended with patchouli! WHAT, YES, THIS MIGHT BE GOOD! :D I also grabbed Troika from the general catalogue, because it was one of the few genereal catalogue scents that I had not yet tried. I haven’t reviewed Haus of Gloi in quite a while, and I know that they’re working on their autumn release (my favourite time of year for all perfumers!) so wanted to make sure I actually got my butt in gear and posted before the reverie is cleaned out!

White Peach

Cream, pale peach skin and ginger root.

In the vial this is a very creamy, vanilla spiked cream. Almost smells like it’d be sticky sweet death. Even though I grabbed this for D, I quite like peach in a fragrance, and seeing it combined with ginger does sound lovely to me. Within seconds on the skin, the ginger appears, but it’s very gently, and almost powder? I’m not sure how to describe it, but it smells to me more like ground ginger than the effervescent tingle of fresh ginger. Giving the fragrance chance to warm on the skin, the vanilla soothes away slightly and the peach is much more noticeable. If you’ve ever tried Momoko or Peach Mama from the Haus, then you’ll know it’s the same very real, fuzzy peach scent. The cream is very understated and just rounds everything together to make it a much more smooth blend. Overall this is very silky and soft, nothing sharp. I would’ve preferred to smell a little more ginger in this :( White Peach is delicate and quite airy as well, and it just smells like the feeling of warm breezes :) Those looking for a kapow type of peach fragrance will not find it here, but if you want a little peak of peach every now and then, try White Peach.

White Blackberry

Cream, ripe blackberry and a touch of juniper wood.

If you have tried White Raspberry and enjoyed it immensely, then you must pick up White Blackberry! D absolutely loves White Raspberry, and when I asked him to compare the two, it was like watching him being asked which arm should be cut off xD He prefers White Raspberry, as he says it’s a little more smooth, and I agree with him. The blackberry in here is deep and dark, and I really like how the cream accord in here doesn’t swamp it either. However it is more pronounced in this blend than in White Peach. Warming it on the skin, the blackberry just rises straight to the top. There’s something almost reminiscent of black cherry in here, it’s the vaguest hint of it. I’m not very good with fruit based perfumes xD I couldn’t personally wear this for everyday, as it’s too sweet for my taste, and it is much more bolder than the White Peach.

Rose City

Red roses and the earthy wet scent of aged patchouli.

There’s no fighting with the description here, it is exactly as advertised…..and you know what, I do freaking love it. Have I honestly come across a rose based perfume that I don’t find too obnoxious? :O The patchouli in this blend makes this smell very natural, just like if you’ve just come in from tending to your roses in the garden and you’ve still got your dirt caked gardening gloves on. Smelling this reminds me of when my mum used to have an interest in trying to maintain her roses, brings back some nice memories. It’s definitely not a gentle blend, you’ll wear and and it will be noticed. I think the patchouli saves this from being an old school Yardley type of fragrance (I think some of us may have had parents or other relatives who went a little nuts for the Yardley perfumes, you know the types “rose”, “lavender”, “lily”.) but some may disagree with me and think the patchouli in this blend doesn’t make it interesting enough for them and it’s still just “rose”. Well that’s fine too. I just like a rose to smell like a rose, not an idea of a rose, if you get my drift? I’m very pleased with this, but I don’t think I could wear this for everyday either. Probably will use it for pick me ups and such :)


A trinity of soft milks, almond, oat and coconut, lashed with sweet agave nectar and the ethereal scent of clean white.

The description, particularly of almond and clean white, reminds me of Katrina from The Morbid The Merrier (now defunct), and Katrina was the fragrance that first put me on the path for ‘white’ types and also almond, so I wanted to see if some of the magic was there with Troika. Now, coconut and I tend to have a love/hate relationship, if it’s too sweet I don’t want it near me. If it smells toasty, I dig that so damn much. If it smells “raw” (like smelling a bag of dessicated coconut) then I’m probably going to like it too. I just HATE when coconut smells like the sunlotion concoction of doom blend.The almond here is soft and smells like almond, not of cherry like it can sometimes do. The oat is gentle and soothing here as well, and it does not come across like cereal whatsoever, because I can definitely see how the description may make you think of muesli :P The blend is delicately bitter with a natural, coy sweetness (does not smell like a sugar bowl, YES) and the coconut… brilliant :D It’s subtle, adds a little smoothness to the blend, and just plays along nicely. Not once does it dominate everything else! The “clean white”, I definitely get that here, like with White Peach, it has that warm summer breeze vibe to it. Very comforting, and snuggly type of fragrance, and this will be purchased as a full size at some point. Everything about this blend just makes me think of soft, snuggling in bed, wrapping yourself in your favourite blanket, warm hugs….you know, anything that makes you feel more comfortable. Comfort in a bottle! :)