Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Review and Swatches – Masala, Romantique, Less Than Three, Sweetest Poison, Type A and Visual Kei

Fyrinnae, one of the most well known and loved indie cosmetics formulators, is a company I don’t really talk about much on my blog. To be honest, I don’t have all too many of their products, maybe a handful of shadows, pixie epoxy, some samples of their primers and the lip lustres. I guess I don’t move them to my ‘to swatch and rave about’ pile, because I figure that there’s already enough oohing and aahing, and I want to ooh and ahh over smaller/lesser known indie cosmetic brands. Regardless, I thought it would be a good idea to post some lip swatches and a short review of the lip lustres. Let’s get cracking shall we?

Product + Packaging

I have both trial size and full size variants of the lip lustres. The colours I have are:

  • Masala “Deep tan “nude”, this matte shade is best suited for warm or neutral skintones. Applied lightly or over balm, it gives a warm touch of colour without looking pink or like pale concealer. “ Definitely does not look like concealer on me, and is definitely more on the brown side. However for my skintone, it’s definitely wearable and is a colour I am looking to upgrade to full size. I like how easy this colour is to wear, and that it took about 2 coats to reach an opacity I was happy with.
  • Romantique “Romantique is a semi-sheer soft warm pink with gold shimmer” . Exactly what it says it is. I find this colour to be too frosty looking for me if I apply more heavily. I am not entirely sure if I feel that this suits me or not, so will give it’s trial size more sampling. Most days I just feel it looks too pale on me.
  • Less Than Three “Less Than Three is a bright lilac-pink matte” This colour can come across in almost a neon way. This is my first purple lip colour, and at first I was a little put off by how bright it looks. It’s also a beast to photograph properly >.< Very opaque with this one.
  • Sweetest Poison “Sweetest Poison is a brilliant true shimmering red filled with microfine red glitter.” Maybe it was just because I had the trial size, but I didn’t notice much of the microfine glitter. Regardless, it is such a pretty red that everyone should have. No doubt will suit a majority of people.
  • Type A “Type A is a shimmery, rich garnet red.” It has a brown tinge to it, which makes me think of blood anyway, so to me it’s almost true to it’s namesake. Shimmery? Most definitely, but it can look more metallic with heavier application.
  • Visual Kei “Visual Kei is a very bright pink, nearly matte, with a very slight shimmer.” It must be the slightest shimmer, because I’ve honestly never noticed it! It’s more of a matte to me, and I love how this leave a stain afterwards.

Both come in tubes with doe foot applicators, and are clear. I was actually quite surprised with the quality of the applicator of the trial size version, it performs just like the full size applicator. The only difference between the trial and full size is that with the trial size, because it is quite smaller, it may leave a sheerer finish on your lips, so you might want to either slightly warm the tube by rolling it in your hands for a minute, or you can remove the stopper so you can ‘scoop’ out more colour.

You can really see how tiny the trial size tubes are! They contain 1.5 mL  of product and the full size contain 8mL.

The trial sizes are estimated to provide 3-4 uses, but I personally have been able to get more use from my trial size, around 6+ uses and I still have some left. I really appreciate that the trial sizes are available in similar packaging, and not in a clamshell, so I can get a better feel of how the product will perform.

All the colours I have give a smooth finish, and  definitively do not have any greasy, sticky, gloopy feeling to them. They feel quite light, and some have a stain effect to them (especially Visual Kei and Sweetest Poison), which can be quite nice, because you can put balm over the top and not have to worry about patchy colour. One thing I have noticed with the formula, is that you do not want to apply these when they’ve been in a warm environment. They do get thin, and become difficult to work with and achieve an opaque finish. In my swatches you will see I had trouble with Type A (yesterday when I swatched them, was a miserably hot and humid day) and couldn’t achieve the finish I was after. Other than that, they have a light bakery vanilla scent, and have no taste.


Depending on the colour, on my lips they last 2-4 hours. I wore Visual Kei to work on a 9 hour shift, I only had to reapply twice, and one of those times was after eating oily pesto pasta. During the day I did notice my lips felt a little dry, but it was not uncomfortable. I had lip balm in my pocket and just sorted out the dryness issue with that. I noticed Masala to have the shortest staying time, but I am thinking it’s maybe more to do with how much more ‘creamier’ in texture it is to my other lustres, and also because it is a trial size. Some of the shimmery shades, such as Type A and Romantique, I do not apply heavily, as they tend to look frosted, and that’s not a look I am fond of.

What I particularly like about the lip lustres is that you have some wiggle room in their application. You can apply many of these quite sheerly if you wish to, and it won’t take 5+ coats to achieve opacity. Some of these are definitely 1 coat opacity (Less Than Three, Type A and Visual Kei for me have been 1 coat wonders!). All my swatches have been done for full opacity.


Trial Sizes are  $2 and Full Sizes are $7. You can really afford to grab many trials and play around with them at that price.


I’ve taken close up photos and full face shots with the lustres on. Having a full face shot for lip swatches is something I am going to do from now on, because I know when I go looking for lip swatches I appreciate seeing full face shots, so I can see just how bold or understated a lip colour actually is from a distance.

Bare lips for reference

Lasting Impressions

I am a fan of the lip lustres, even though it took me about a year to actually try them after being aware of their existance xD I definitely want to try some more colours, and have recently placed an order for Ghost’s Kiss, Ocelot and Pygmy Hippo. One thing I do have a niggle about, THERE IS A SEVERE LACK OF ORANGE. However I am biased towards orange lipsticks. Severely biased. Maybe it’s a good thing Fyrinnae haven’t opted to formulate an orange yet, because I’d probably be ridiculous about it. My favourite out of all these is Visual Kei (I’m not even a big time pink girl, so having this as my favourite is a shock). Have you tried any of the lip lustres? How did you like/dislike them?

Later taters!