Essence Longlasting Lipstick Swatch & Review

Maybe I ought to name this to personessencetea, because I’ve got another Essence product post for you….with more to come. Honestly, they are my favourite “drugstore” (that always sounds weird to me, because we don’t use that term here in Australia) cosmetics company. Today’s post is a swatch and review for a few of the Essence Longlasting Lipsticks.

Essence seemed to phase out their older lipsticks back in 2012, early 2013? If you’re familiar with Essence, you’ll remember those tubes that were solid colours. I really was not a fan of those at all. I found the formula to be too slippery, glossy, and they didn’t feel pleasant to me. In one of the trend editions that came out in Australia, New In Town ?, there was a trio of longlasting lipsticks that I picked up. With subsequent trend editions there were more of the longlasting lipsticks, but they weren’t in colours I was interested in. Then they brought them in as a permanent line in both Target and Priceline and still continue to use them for trend editions. In short, I vastly prefer this new formula compared to the old. Now the history lesson is over, maybe it’s time for the fun stuff? ;)

Product / Packaging

The colours I have are:

  • 01 Coral Calling – A coral that leans more on the orange side
  • 05 Dare To Be Nude – A warm, yellow-brown toned nude. This is perfect for my skin tone and I find it to be so flattering for me. The skin swatch doesn’t look the best, but on the lips it’s great.
  • 07 Natural Beauty – A muted dusty rose. The most demure and lady-like colour I own.
  • 09 Wear Berries – A muted dusty fuchsia.

All the colours I have purchased in this range are all matte, as in they don’t contain any shimmer or glitter, however they have a cream finish to them. The lipsticks all seem to have a fragrance to them, which is hard for me to identify. It smells a little floral, with some sort of sweetness ? The scent is mainly in the tube, but when applied it dissipates really quickly. It does leave behind a taste which is reminiscent of the scent. I’m not sensitive to smells or flavours in lip products, so this doesn’t bother me. This may however be annoying to some, so throwing it out there.

From the Essence website:

the essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers!

The packaging is actually quite sleek for a lipstick that is so cheap! Whilst made of plastic, it doesn’t feel as flimsy as a Wet n Wild megalast packaging. It’s quite sturdy and the lid snaps satisfyingly in to place. The barrel inside is metal, which is a nice touch. The outer packaging has a coloured plastic ring that helps you identify the colour of the product, and it’s quite representative as well.


These wear quite well. Are they very longlasting? I don’t think so. They do hold up okay through a meal or drinking, but they do look faded, but not to the point where it looks patchy or leaves colour around the rim of my lips. I give the product a thumbs up for not disappearing from my lips entirely. They were very smooth, and feel creamy on the lips. They have a really nice texture to them, almost a firm balm texture and I appreciate that they aren’t slippery or greasy feeling (like some of the NYX round lipsticks can be). When wearing these I haven’t experienced any bleeding around the lips, and regularly wear these without lipliner. The finish on the lips is a slight sheen, not overly glossy, but not matte. I quite like it, and most of all these lipsticks are incredibly comfortable to wear. I’ve never experienced any drying or product accumulating on the inner part of my rim. My only complaint is that I wish these truly were longlasting, as I typically can get 3 hours of wear before I feel the need to reapply. The pigment quality is decent, and it tends to be more on the sheer side of opaque. That being said, the formula on these lipsticks allow for buildable coverage without looking or feeling heavy. This isn’t one pass opaque colour, but 2 or 3 passes and it’s looking real good. Let’s be honest, for a lipstick that is $4.70 AUD, this performs pretty damn phenomenal.


Quick swatches on the back of my hand, photographed in natural daylight.

Coral Calling

Dare To Be Nude

Natural Beauty

Wear Berries!

Overall Impression

What I really like about the colours I’ve picked up is that they have a muted quality to me, which I like. I see the merit in having muted, toned down versions of your brights, to be able to make them work for work or uni. So you can feel more put together without looking you’ve put a heap of effort in to them.

The formula of these longlasting lipsticks are quite forgiving on my lips, don’t accentuate any flakes or lines, feel smooth and do last a good time of around 3 hours with no eating or drinking. They don’t smear or bleed. Apart from the scent of these, these are an exceptional buy from Priceline or Target. I’ve already purchased a few others from the trend editions and the formula has been the same. I’m a fan, and am hoping for a more diverse colour range to be released. Currently it’s mainly pinks and reds. I’d love for there to be some more mauves, purples, browns and of course ORANGES!