I’ve been absent from blogging for a few months, it’s just not been an ideal time to sit and chat. I started my uni semester in March and have been going at turbo speed, with the majority of my spare time dedicated to note taking and report writing. Also circumstances have changed here at home, so I should be able to at least post *1 post a week*.

This is a review that has been a long time coming. So long in fact, because I ordered these perfume samples back in August o.O Well now I’ve the time once more, it’s about time to post these (I’ve actually written reviews in a notebook, because I knew they were going to be blogged about at some point xD So am slowly transferring them to digital.), so today’s post is about a bath & body company I discovered on Etsy called Bath Sabbath.

Bath Sabbath came to me via a search on Etsy for “viking perfume”. I was at the time trying to find Firebird Bath & Body’s “Viking” perfume, but had forgotten the name of the shop, so just typed in viking perfume. Bath Sabbath popped up, and I browsed away. I was immediately drawn to the packaging and esthetics of the store. I’m a black/death/melodic death metal fan so I found it interesting to find a perfumery that had some loose connection to my preferred music genre.  I’m a closet Scandinaviaphile , so some of these descriptions for products really drew my attention. The store sells other products, but I was mainly zeroing in on the perfume oils. I picked up some samples, because the larger size vials are quite more expensive to what I am used to (more on that later) and gave them a whirl. That’s where the review part of this post begins ;)


I purchased the for $20 + $9 shipping to Australia.

Broken down, each 1mL sample vial equates to $2, which is very reasonably priced and the listing quotes:

You’ll be receiving 10 vials for the price of 8 ($5.00 savings)

Which equates to the sample vials being worth $2.50 each, which is still an exceptional price.

It seems at this time you cannot purchase individual sample vials. However there are different sample multi packs to choose from ranging from 5 pack samplers for $10 and the 15 pack samplers at $30.

Full size products appear to only be in 1 dram or 2 dram vials.

1 dram = 3.7mL = 0.125 fl oz

2 drams = 7.4mL = -.250 fl oz

1 dram vials are $9 USD and 2 dram vials are $17 USD. These are more on the expensive end of pricing that I’ve come across with other brands, and for the full sizes that I want I will be looking to purchase the 1 dram vial.


Samples are presented in 1mL glass vials with plastic cap wand applicators. The labelling is not resistant to any oil leakage unfortunately. After a while I did find the oil spilled labels to peel off entirely :( However, this is not a big issue to me as samples. It would be nice to see if the full size labels have a little more protection against oil spills. If not, you could always cover with some clear packing tape. I’m quite a fan of the logo, so really dig the simplicity of the design.

Performance/What do they smell like

** It is to be noted that with all perfume oils, you must test them on the skin to understand their full spectrum. Often perfume oils will smell different on the skin compared to inside the vial/bottle. **

** All these oils had a wear time of around 1.5 to 2 hours on my skin. This is normal for me, as I tend to have oily body skin, so the fragrances seem to wear away at a much quicker rate than those who have normal to drier skins. **

Faeries Wear Boots

A deep absinthe inspired scent, heavy notes of cinnamon, anise and fennel over an herbal backdrop.

Opens with subtle anise and some sort of cinnamon baked goods type of scents. I’m not really used to cinnamon in blends, because I don’t stray too far into the gourmand/foodie area. In the opening I found the cinnamon to be a little distracting and very distinct, not quite as harmonious. However, the cinnamon does do a good job of smoothing over the bitter and sharp anise. As wear goes on the cinnamon dies down a little and I got more of a herbal backdrop and the anise seems to intensify a little now the cinnamon backed off. With the anise back again the blend turns from being warm to rather cool in feel, almost a peppermint type of chill. On the whole, this didn’t interest me too much. I found myself thinking more of cakes and doughnuts from the cinnamon note, and wasn’t my cup of tea. If you’re a little tired of seeing the same style of anise/absinthe blend, this may be something for you to pick up. Note: if you have allergies to cinnamon or have sensitive skin, it may be best to skip this scent.

Winter Hearts Guild

A crisp blend of biting snow and tall pines. A refreshing and revitalizing scent.


Definitely one of those ‘as advertised’ scents when it comes to description, but sometimes you want just that. This is quite sweet as well, with a slight wispy ozone-like sensation. I appreciate that this blend doesn’t have  sharp cedar spikes in this one and no weird Pine-O-Clean thing going on. Smooth, well tempered, that isn’t bitey in the least. This would make for a good layering perfume. Not something I would purchase at full size because I already have a few evergreen perfumes that are similar with a bit more depth.

Moon Child

A relaxing blend of vanilla, Lavender, Cinnamon and Brown sugar.

A good lavender blend will always get my utmost attention. I adore the medicinal down to the sweeter ranges that lavender can present itself as. So I always like to see it used in different ways, blend wise. So this was pretty unusual for my preferences, but I decided to give it a try.

This opened as something sour, floral and a tangy fruitiness. I am not really sure where the fruity tang is from? The lavender comes across more soft and sweet, but I was hoping for something a bit more crisp. This has again cinnamon, as well as brown sugar, which unfortunately again to my nose gives me the vision of cakes :( I’m quite pleased with the vanilla, it didn’t smell aritificial nor too sickly sweet. It had a nice balance and didn’t overpower the blend. In fact, even though the cinnamon + brown sugar combo didn’t please me, they didn’t overpower either. This blend leans more to the warm side of things with a bakery edge. It might just be my preferences when it comes to perfume, but unfortunately this perfume came across as two well blended perfumes that were joined together. To me, this isn’t harmonious for my preferences, but maybe it will suit those who adore the more gourmand edge of the spectrum. I really do enjoy the quality of the lavender and vanilla here. As the blend wears on, I find Moon Child’s dry down so similar to Faeries Wear Boots, so it seems the cinnamon lingers around for quite a while. I am not a fan of this, but am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I don’t think it’s bad, just not for me.

Once Sent From The Golden Hall

A heady blend of Honey, clove, blackberries and the glory of a triumphant death.

The name alone had me (I hate how my fandom side gets the better of me sometimes), it’s a name of an album from one of my favourite bands, Amon Amarth.

This opens in quite a rich and almost creamy way, but again, I smell that cinnamon! Or at least some bakery type spices. It has an almost metallic note to it in the beginning to, but it’s quite faint. Quite a warm and near spicy scent at this stage. Long term readers to my blog know that sometimes I have issues with honey notes in perfume. I’ve often found honey to be quite strong and pungent in the blends I have, so it goes without saying that this honey is quite subtle and not smokey or strong. As it wears on it takes on a slightly thick and sticky sweetness (honey perhaps?) and I don’t find any dominating fruits during any stage of wear, however it is more noticeable on the dry down. I find this too similar in style to the 2 blends before this, so am a little disappointed with that. Comes across to gourmand/foodie, not for me. I would highly recommend this blend for gourmand/foodie fans, because I think this will have all the elements you’re looking for. At the end of the day, again not terrible but the blend wasn’t for me, and not what I expect from a name like this (this comes across way to friendly to be named after a place where recently deceased on the battlefield hardened warriors go , waiting to move on to their afterlife). You win some, you lose some. Will not be purchasing full size.

Banana Sticker

A complex blend of pure banana and psychological wellness.

This was a novelty purchase. I can’t vouch for the psychological wellness, but this is definitely banana! You know these soft, chewy banana shaped lollies?

Image is taken from www.lollywarehouse.com.au

This perfume is what they smell and taste like. Sophisticated? Nah. Plenty of fun to wear though and help bring back some memories of good times as a kid. I found this blend to have the shortest life span, and it only lasted about 10-15 minutes before it became so very faint on my skin! After 30 minutes it was completely gone from my skin. I think this fragrance might be better suited to a soap (that would be so awesome!) or other wash off product, where you just want to have the scent linger for a short time. Not something I’ll purchase in full size, but it was extremely fun to try!

Fiddler on the Green

A refreshing blend of freshly cut grass and plant life, with hints of flower and herb.

This was one of my favourites (my favourite is yet to come ;) ) and I was really pleased with this one.

This comes across as a perfect, nature identical, sappy leaf green. The smell of broken stems (hey, leave those plants alone :( ) and cut grass. I find these blends to be so refreshing and energising. I’ve had similar perfumes, noteably Grasslands from Alchemia, but I prefer the lighter quality that Fiddler on the Green has. This is also similar in style to Devil’s Millhopper from Solstice Scents, but DM is more airy an slightly ‘brown’, and I find FOTG to be sweeter in tone. The blend has a cool and almost damp feel, but damp in the way that grass in the morning smells when it’s covered with dew, not muddy. This would be another great layering blend, and would work amazing with a single note floral on top, and I bet even citrus and tart berries would be great over this as well. It’s more simplistic, but I think that nature often produces some great scents, so why mess with a winning formula?

Born of Fire

The smell of a raging bonfire. Smokey Woodsy notes with a touch of frankincense and balsam.

Smoky! However it’s quite pleasant and isn’t intense or eye watering. It doesn’t smell like burning paper, but it smells like a lovely bonfire on a cold night. Even though it’s quite a charred and black blend, it feels cool and not in any way warm.  I found this to be quite pleasing layered over Once sent from the Golden Hall, and the sweetness in Born of Fire amps up slightly when combined with the honey and spices. Along the way it begins to pick up a ceremonial resin vibe to it, and they sweeten the blend up. In total this scent reminds me of the smell of cold, long burned off ashes rather than a raging fire. This is quite an evoking scent and for me and really is quite atmospheric. I don’t think I have anything like this in my collection, I think the closest I have is Foxcroft from Solstice Scents (which has dead, cold leaves with some smokey elements). If you like Foxcroft you might enjoy Born of Fire.

Cursed be Iron

A blend of smoke, charcoal, and Frankincense with aquatic undertones. Smells like an anvil.

I’ve never really had the chance to see, let alone smell an anvil, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one. However the rest of the description holds true. To me, Cursed be Iron is the middle circle in a Venn diagram between Born of Fire and Holy Diver. I consider these three to be a trinity of sorts.

This is another favourite, and again is something I don’t have in my collection. This comes across as smokey (like the smoke in Born of Fire), something a little leathery and a soapy/clean finish to it. Maybe this is the smell of a washed up blacksmith? I don’t know, but this is super pleasing to me. The smoke here is much lighter than in Born of Fire, and the ‘aquatic’ feature is on the sweeter side, which actually seems to fit quite well with the blend. As it opens mainly it is smokey with some sort of clean effect, and the aquatic tone rounds in later on as it wears in. I never really get a big hit of frankincense or other resins here, more like they are supporting. This would be a unisex blend, but I think maybe some ladies would find this too masculine for them. The dry down of this blend reminds me of Serpentina from Darling Clandestine, because there’s a incense type backdrop and it has something so ozonic fresh, that Serpentina has going for it as well. Fans of Serpentina may appreciate the similar quality of Cursed be Iron, but it smells nothing alike . Just the overall impression is similar. Quite a unique fragrance in my library, and something for those who like darker themed perfumes to try. This is one that I’ll be going for full size at some point.

Holy Diver

The smell of the midnight sea and fiery brimstone. A smokey, salty ozone scent with hints of wood.

More like holy crap this is BEAUTIFUL. Okay, so let’s have real chat time. I’ve been finding some of my perfume preferences to be changing as of late, and I can’t seem to get enough of aquatics, however they need to be treated with TLC otherwise it’s going to make me think back to high school xD Anyway, this blend is my version of aquatic perfection. It has a sinister, darker edge that makes me think of a murky lake, and it has a slight salty tang. During the initial application is about the only time I detect anything smokey. The closest fragrances I have to Holy Diver are Gulf Breeze by Solstice Scents (now discontinued at the moment) but GB has a more melon, sweeter and feminine tone to it. The other is Seamus from Possetts (from her Summer 2103 poets release), and Seamus is the most similar. I missed out on Seamus as it was a LE (only have a sample) so finding something similar in Holy Diver made me very happy. Seamus however is lighter on the salt and is a tad more masculine as the overall element isn’t as sweet. Definitely unisex. This is my favourite from the order and is something I will be purchasing in full size.

Bard’s Song

A unisex scent, woodsy with masculine leaning. Fallen leaves, wet bark, fresh soil, rounded out by patchouli.

This had a surprising berry-like opening that had me fooled for a little while. Give it a chance to warm on the skin and a mossy side emerges through and the blend takes on a dark green/forest type of scent. This didn’t come across to be particularly dirty in feel, despite having soil and patchouli listed, and this scent was more about the greenery, because it was more on the sweet side. Very much a magic forest inspired blend. Nothing about the blend dominated, and I found it to be nicely balanced. For those who avoid patchouli or who absolutely hate stronger renditions of it, I assure you it’s quite well hidden. Try it and see! This scent does remind me quite a lot of Ancient Forest from The Magical Mushroom, this is more earthy whilst Ancient Forest has more of the berry tones throughout the blend. In the Bard’s Song that berry opening seems to hide amongst the greenery as it wears on.

Overall impression

Finding Bath Sabbath was quite fortuitous for me, because of my new loves of Cursed be Iron and Holy Diver. I wasn’t all that jazzed with the blends that contained cinnamon or clove as I found they tended to very reminiscent of one another. I didn’t find any ‘bombs’ or any bad experiences, although I was slightly disappointed in Moon Child, because it was just too gourmand, but hey, it does contain cinnamon and brown sugar, so that’s entirely all on me ;) I think Bath Sabbath do aquatic and smokey blends very well, and maybe you gourmand/foodie peeps may enjoy them for that aspect.

I find the sample packs to be very reasonably priced, but am more reserved in the price of the 1 and 2 dram vials. Overall, I had an excellent shopping experience with Bath Sabbath and have no problems recommending the shop to others.