Well how do you like that? A wild post appears!

Hey there guys, looks like it’s definitely been a long time between visits, how are you all doing? Surviving? Good to hear *thumbs up*. If you’re not doing so well, I strongly urge you go to look at a live stream of animals playing together. It takes the edge off, for a little while. Or just have a cup of tea.

Rambling on here, I was having a few technical issues with my blog. The weirdest thing was going on. I would log in to my admin screen, and have my wordpress dashboard sidebar, but the rest of the screen was white o.O I don’t even know. So I did some googling and watched a few youtube videos to try and figure out what the problem is, and it seems to be a very common problem to do with plugins you have installed all of a sudden going wonky (technical term, I swear, okay maybe not, but wonky fits the context), causing the page to not show up at all. However, my blog was still alive, and the pages were loading. This went on for about a month. Then, as I was about to go and fix the problem, I logged in, and everything was back to normal.


It’s okay though, because I’m glad that there is some mystery internet spirit/god/goddess/brain/being that sorted this out, because I have a few things to share. Well more than a few, I’ve got a backlog of a couple of months piling up here :P

We all know point form is a MUCH more attractive way of putting a whole lotta stuff together, so I present to you, in point form, what’s been going on with me since November

  • Finally finished my final exams for semester 2. Oh yeah, that was brutal. It was my last time round with Chemistry, and I FINALLY PASSED THE DAMN COURSE. No more junior level chemistry EVER. I did have to do a resit for the final exam, because it turned out I had only failed the exam by less than 10 marks the first time. So they, the chemistry department, found it within the kindness of their hearts (and probably because they didn’t want to have to deal with more kids in summer school than they really wanted to) to let me resit. I passed, and plenty of this

and this

I can assure you, it was a momentous celebration. Short lived though, because I had to begin my Everyday Physics online summer school unit. So that took some of the thrill away. However I’ve finished that online unit now, and can reclaim the 2 weeks of “pure university break” left before it all starts again.

The other exams went quite well, achieving credits in both, and only 4-5 points away from distinction scores. So close!
However, we need to have a moment of silence for my fallen comrades. The pens that worked tirelessly through the day and night until they could ink (that’s now a verb) no more, and the notebooks that I used and abused on countless occassions having virtually no scrap of untouched space. We did well. *salutes*

Yep, you're just looking at some stationary and some pens. Case closed.

For real though, let's get back to these pens. If you look closely, the lid on the top one IS A MUMMY! The majority of these are from Morning Glory. Which reminds me, I need some serious back to uni pens. I'm currently on a shortage. I only have standard ones. Notetaking has got to be fabulous.

  • You didn’t think I had abandoned the structure of the dot point did you? Over xmas we went up to Queensland, which surprisingly, was substantially cooler (weather wise) than New South Wales.


It’s okay though, because it was the best 10 days away from home I’ve had in quite a while. So basically December was fully booked with my time, hence why no blogging ;) D and I received quite a wonderful xmas haul from his family, and I’m still so so SO appreciative of the gifts. We talked about wanting to start gardening, for serious this time. Not just “let just leave this in a pot annnnnnnnnnnnnd it’s dead. Oh :( “. We don’t have a lot of space in the backyard, and the soil isn’t very good either, so they got us this awesome gardening planter tub. It’s a beast of a thing, and it’s going to be so perfect. I don’t have any photos currently of it in action, but we do have our seedlings going for gold. Well, all except for row 1, which is Spinach. Probably should’ve planted that in April. The other seeds are growing great, and we’ll be transplanting them to the planter soon enough. So maybe you might see some random and wild gardening posts in here. I’ll keep you guys posted if we manage to grow any of those mutant 200kg pumpkins *fingers crossed*.

I consider this something to aspire to. One day. I hear they don't taste very good when they're this large though.

  • Project weightloss. Yep, sorry, that was something that needed to be done. I had been overweight for far too long, and as I get older, I become more and more aware of the tinest things going on with my body. It pretty much all started when I went to the doctor back in July for something embarassing. No details, other than, if you have to run from the consultation room to the bathroom, wrapped in a bedsheet and running like a moron, it’s an embarassing story. No questions. Anyway, as part of the routine she checked my heart and told me that I had a slight heart murmur.


Even though she went on to explain that it’s quite common for people to have and they’re usually quite benign and don’t mean anything detrimental, it was enough to get me in gear and get in check. You see, I have a family history of cardiac issues, and I’d like to escape that if at all possible. So the journey began in September after researching and making sure that this time this was for real and that it was going to work. Basically all I’ve been doing is calorie counting (kilojoule for my metric buddies *hi fives*) which is basically me eating between 1200-1400 calories a day, eating a little more if I had been exercising. You know what, it bloody works. I’ve lost 9kg (around 20 lbs for you imperial players at home) and you know what, I wish I had started this sooner. I can now RUN without feeling like my chest will collapse, I actually have a teeny bicep going on and I’m actually becoming more fit. I’ve been doing a lot of blogilates videos, infact that’s all I’ve been doing. I do 1 hour of videos 3 times a week. I can now do a plank on my toes! Nevermind that I can only hold it for 40 seconds xD So yeah, I’ve been giving myself plenty of these:

The thing is, I now can compare photos of my face from now and from 6-7 months ago, and I can tell a difference. I don’t think I was horrible looking, and I certainly didn’t lack any confidence because I was posting my face on this blog. Nothing drastic, but I’m not as round in the face as I was. My eyes look a little larger as well.This all came down to health, and what’s right for *my body* . I am 165cm (5’5″) and I was at 83.45 kg. Those dimensions for me were not healthy. There could be someone else who is the same height and weight that I was, and maybe they’re healthy. I don’t know. I’m not here commenting about that. This was something I did for me, because the time was right.

So you made it to the end of this post!

Thanks for reading the encyclopaedia entry that has been my life for the past few months. I’ve left a few personal issues out, but this has been the general gist of things really. I tried to intersperse with images and some humour, well I tried. It’s good to be back on the blog, and it feels that after this time away that I feel more refreshed and more certain in my “blogger identity”. I’m not sure how that happened. I guess over the past few months I’ve just been maturing a little bit more? Who knows. I hope to get actual review posts up during the week, because I’ve been sampling many perfumes and have tried quite a few new cosmetics to me.

Later taters