Ready for a new indie perfume store to stalk and make wishlists over? I know I always am, but I know I have a problem ;)

The newest find for me is Black Violet , an indie bath and body business that has quite a broad range of products, ranging from perfume oil to shower gels. I’ve tried currently a few perfume oils in Marrakesh, Cathedral, Oakmoss Gown and Lavandula. I’ve also tried a sample of the body butter and hair detangling mist in the fragrance Camellia. Let’s get on with the review then!


I purchased 4 sample vials of perfume oils in the following scents:

  • Marrakesh
  • Lavandula
  • Oakmoss Gown
  • Cathedral

Scent descriptions are taken from the Black Violet website.


The market is bustling with energy, colorful spices, and the warmth of sandalwood. Toss some carnations in your metal cart before the sun sets over the dunes with promises of sensual musk.

This opens as a very feminine and smooth sandalwood, that has a creamy quality to it. Some sandalwood fragrances I get something that’s a little reminiscent of bubblegum on my skin, and I get a little hint of that happening, but it’s only just a hint. Funny how skin works with various components, see my issues with amber ;) Whilst still wet I found the blend to be dry, but pleasantly so. Nothing astringent or spicy/intense. As it dries down it becomes airy and has a more relaxing vibe about it, whereas before it felt much more sensual and romantic. Throughout its stay on my skin the carnation does not overpower and the blend does not at all take a floral tone. For me, this was all a celebration of the sandalwood. I found this blend to last quite a while for such an essential oil heavy blend, with it lasting for around 3 hours. Smooth, warm and a little dry. One not to be missed for those who enjoy sandalwood or more romantic nuanced blends.


She’s the sweetest of lavender essential oils complemented by green spice of bergamot and clary sage.

Scents marked with an asterisk (*) are premium fragrances comprised of a majority or all essential oils. These blends may contain a small portion of synthetics, such as musk.

For me lavender comes in different types (sorry, potpourri or grandmother is not one of the types, all lavender is magical ;) ) ranging from herbal / floral / sweet. Herbal lavenders are typically my preference, however this blend is probably my most favourite lavender-centric blend I have in my collection to date!   I think Black Violet may be changing my mind about the more sweeter, floral lavenders. This has undeniable vibrancy and will most definitely appeal to those who appreciate this classic flower. After a little wear time some herbals round out the lavender and tone it down a notch. I love that this has a very airy, crisp, infact almost ozonic/clean quality to it. I honestly have not encountered that before, and this makes me a huge fan of Lavandula. I like that this hasn’t been fussed with too much, and that at it’s essence it’s still all about the lavender. Very cool toned fragrance that will definitely be one of my favoured summer companions this December. Lasted about 1.5 hours on my skin.

Oakmoss Gown

Lightening bugs dance around her as she drapes herself in damp oakmoss, earthy vetiver, and a light vanilla infusion.

On paper, this was supposed to be my favourite on the bunch, then Lavandula happened. However, true to form and possibly predictably this is my second favourite of the order. When freshly applied it has a beautiful, natural snappy freshness, that envelopes me with a smooth as silk sensation. I adore how this opens, it’s so charming. I find the vanilla to be quite understated however it definitely contributes to the overall creaminess of the blend. Traditionally oakmoss and vetiver are considered more masculine notes, but honestly, the way they are  presented in this form, they are transformed into a more unisex production that actually I would consider to lean more feminine, however that is of course subject to your consideration. As it dries down it becomes more earthy, but don’t let that frighten you. It has more of a damp, leafy quality rather than wet dirt, and it just makes me think of walking through grass after it has been raining. This blend is amazing, and always comes across as balanced with no notes ever appearing to dominate on my skin. Further drying down reveals the hidden vanilla and the blend becomes almost floral in a sense. This is a lovely morphing journey. This lasted about 3 hours on my skin.


Rays of light beaming thru stained glass, a carved canopy of rosewood foliage, and an offering of frankincense & myrrh.

Scents marked with an asterisk (*) are premium fragrances comprised of a majority or all essential oils. These blends may contain a small portion of synthetics, such as musk.

I think this is a blend for those who prefer more the type of fragrance that a essential oil blend can provide. When first applied I smell mainly the resins and find it gives quite an earthy feel, nothing dirty, but that sort of grounded and apothecary style. Infact this makes me want to believe there’s patchouli, it just has that feeling that patchouli gives me when I wear it. During the first minutes of wear this smells just a wee bit smoky and “brown”, and I’m sorry for throwing in a colour there, but maybe this makes sense to someone out there xD Very much a blend that represents its namesake, because it makes me think of a church ceremony with snuffed candles and incense. The dry down for me comes across as woody and a little more dry and dark. I don’t really get any notes of greenery throughout wear. The dry down still has that little hint of smoke, however it is never dominant! A very atmospheric blend that I am sure will pull up some memories for the majority of people who wear this blend. I found this to last about 2 hours on my skin.

I also received two bonus items, samples of the hair detangling mist and body butter in the fragrance Camellia.


Freshly steeped green tea leaves cooled with crisp cucumbers.

** Body Butter **

The texture of the butter itself is very luxurious feeling. Nice and thick, very creamy. It is not runny at all, and I found it to glide over the skin with not much effort at all. I was very impressed with how quickly it absorbed into the skin and I did not experience any residue or greasiness after use. No irritation was experienced and my skin did indeed feel smoother the next morning. The scent lingered beautifully on the skin, but was not as strong as a perfume oil would be. This particular fragrance is pretty bang on the money with it’s description. Cool and refreshing, perfect for summertime shower sessions. I will have to consider ordering a full size of this fragrance in the body butter formula when I can afford to do so (USPS weight for parcels is KILLER! :( )

** Detangling Mist**

This was a little bit of a wild card product with me. Haircare is not something I have ever really been fussy about. Infact, I don’t really do much to my hair. I typically leave it alone most days. My hair type is fine, however I have a lot of hair, and my hair is mostly straight with a slight kick/wave to it. I don’t really get tangles, probably because I have straighter hair and now that my hair is at collar length I don’t think it ever happens at all. Anyhow, I wanted to give the spray a try, I thought it make make a nice light, leave in conditioner. Unfortunately it didn’t cooperate with my hair, and I found it weighed my hair down. I bet this product would be great for those with thicker and more coarse hair. To be honest, I don’t even use regular wash off conditioner because I find it weighs my hair down as well. However, my hair was nicely fragranced, so that was a plus :)


Very thoughtful and well put together packaging, that definitely ties in with the overall theme of the company. It’s very chic and classy. Basically anything with a detailed wax seal is going to get bonus marks from me! There, you have my bias :P

All samples were given handwritten labels, with very neat and lovely handwriting. I don’t know if the full sizes are handwritten or printed, so cannot comment on that. I am never fussy with labelling for samples, because honestly, as long as it is handwritten and it’s presentable, I don’t care.

As you can see the perfume oils came in 1/4 dram (1.85mL) vials with screw top caps. The perfume oils came presented in this little cloth pouch which has a wax seal emblazoned with the insignia of the brand. Very classy and elegant touch. I love that the colour matches with the name and the colour theme of the website.

A little screw top plastic pod was used to package the body butter sample, and I found that to be quite thoughtful packaging. The pod is made from very sturdy plastic and the cap screws on quite tightly, so the risk of spillage is very minimal. I received a generous dollop that I was able to use on both my arms and legs, with a little to spare. Like I said before, this does glide on quite nicely without the need for extra product.

The picture doesn’t show the scale of the size of the packaging, but this is quite a generous sample for this product. The packaging measures 7.8cm from bottom to the top of the cap. Depending on the length of your hair, there is definitely enough for at least 3-4 uses, 5+ for shorter hair like mine.

Overall Impression

I have been very happy with my order with Black Violet, and the fragrances I chose are definitely what I expected and more. There are some more perfumes I would love to try, such as Ice Queen, Madame Pele and Red Lotus.  The packaging is thoughtful and ties in with the store’s theme, the customer service was also delightful, and the products are definitely of quality. The only less than ideal experience was with the detangling mist, but as I said before, that is probably more to do with my individual hair type and would probably be more ideal for thicker and coarser hair. Otherwise, I very much enjoyed my experience with Black Violet and I hope to make an order after the Xmas holidays.