You ever have perfume stashed away, that you mean to always wear and share but then…you know…it gets lost in the hoarde with all the other pretties and time goes on and your memory isn’t as good as it was and you only realise you’ve purchased them when you decide to do a spring clean? I know I have a problem, I also have a problem with run on sentences too…

Another “it’s about time I blogged about this” article because I lost these perfumes for a good chunk of time and found them hidden in a drawer, for some unknown reason. Probably smelled them when they arrived then stashed them somewhere quickly *shrugs*. They’re out and about, and have been receiving some much needed love, so let’s get cracking with this shall we? Welcome to today’s stinky post about Sweet Tea Apothecary .

I came across Sweet Tea Apothecary during a twitter conversation with Becca of One Hand Washes The Other a bit over a year ago, and from memory I might have purchased these during a 20% off sale, but I don’t even remember. Regardless, I was looking for a different perfume direction to try, because at the time I did not really have many traditional florals and feminine blends, and Sweet Tea Apothecary popped up, so I ordered 1 of everything they had at the time (their collection has grown a little since then.) in samples. To date these are the most “traditional” perfumes I have in my collection and some of them are a little hit and miss for me, but hey you got to try a little of everything to make sure you’re not missing out on anything spectacular ;)

I have:

  • Clara
  • Dead Writers
  • Her Grace, The Duchess Georgiana
  • HRM Victoria
  • La Reine Antoinette
  • Maynard
  • Pampelmousse
  • Remy
  • Thoreau

Dead Writers, Maynard and Thoreau are the more masculine of the range, and are apart of the Dead Writers collection, whilst the rest are general catalogue and are feminine. The one thing I did find about most of these fragrances is that they tend to stay the same throughout the entire time they’re on my skin. Some people prefer this, some people don’t, and some people don’t really care either way. Just that I would throw that out there to save myself from being a bit redundant with the “stays the same, no morphing” etc.

All scent descriptions taken from Sweet Tea Apothecary’s website.


Sandalwood, Tuberose Moss, Bergamot .

Opens quite green and creamy, not at all very floral like I was expecting (the only other blend I have that has tuberose in it is quite strong, so I was expecting the same). It has that lovely coolness that you might expect from smelling flowers in your flowerbed first thing in the morning, when everything is still somewhat still and the dew is still hanging. This is quite a smooth blend and nothing particularly dominates, apart from perhaps the Tuberose being most noticeable. This is definitely a blend for those who prefer their delicate and understated florals, but want a little twist of green thrown in for a bit of freshness. This does soften over time, but to me it’s still very much a tuberose affair. This is probably one of the more ‘traditional’ and ‘old fashioned’ perfumes I have, and I don’t mean this is nana territory, just that it smells like a classic :)

Dead Writers

Black tea, vetiver, clove, musk, vanilla, heliotrope, and tobacco.

Oooh this has a little bit of bite and allure! Very smooth, warm and comforting. The clove in this gives just the right amount of spicy kick whilst still maintaing an old school gentlemenly air. When I breath this in deeper I get a little bit of a sweet, almost caramel-esque hint (it makes me think of caramel ice cream topping). I don’t really pick up the black tea in this, but I do get something slightly smokey, maybe it’s a smoky black tea? I don’t know, could be the tobacco too. If you enjoy Depravity from Haus Of Gloi and want something a little less on the spicy side, definitely try this blend! This has an ‘old’ charm to it, and I don’t mean that in a negative way, but I can imagine many people associating this blend with older men in their life such as their grandfathers, it just has that vibe that this would’ve been something men in the early 20th century would’ve worn. With that being said, no I don’t think I smell like your grandfather, I think I smell pretty damn awesome. Definitely a must try for the ladies who prefer the masculine types. Suave. sohpisticated and just a little bit different from your standard masculine fare.

Her Grace, The Duchess Georgiana

Black Tea, Lavender, Jasmine, Amber, Bergamot

Jasmine and amber go at it from the get go when it’s applied to the skin, and it seemed like the lavender was going to have a go, but then decided to try again later. However the jasmine admits defeat in the first round and the amber is victorous. This is one of these ambers that goes insanely sweet on my skin and my skin will just decide that it’s an amber-only blend and forget everything else. I have to try and figure out what sort of amber this is so I can do my best to avoid it in the future. The first thing to try to gain a grip back is the lavender, but it’s very fleeting  and comes in and out, but even so the amber still dominates. I find this to be just too sweet for me, and I struggle to fully appreciate the blend when I can’t get through the amber. It’s a shame because black tea and lavender sound like a killer combination to me, I just never get that far :( Looks like it’s Amber for the win and everyone else is down for the count.

HRM Victoria

Amber, French Lavender, Vanilla

This is possibly the most potent blend of the bunch, and I wish it was something I enjoyed. Oddly enough the amber in here doesn’t go crazy on me, but it’s the combination of the vanilla and the lavender. It smells warm, which is a little offputting, because typically I find lavender to smell quite cool and astringent, which I actually really like. I’m definitely one of those people that enjoy the medicinal style lavender, but in this blend it’s definitely more rounded. The vanilla blended in this is not one of my favourites, and for me is reminiscent of vanillas in foody blends. Just too sweet for my taste and not the lavender I prefer. The blend isn’t bad, just doesn’t meet my preferences is all. Differen’t strokes and all that jazz. A similar blend, which I would prefer in small doses is Lavender Vanilla from Solstice Scents, which I reviewed here .  So if you’re after something with more of a cool and slightly bitey edge, I suggest the Solstice Scents blend. If you want something more warm, slightly powdery and creamy, try HRM Victoria. Or you know, treat yourself and try both! Man, this one really hangs around for ages, just like her madge did ;)

La Reine Antoinette

Moss, Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine

Definitely something for jasmine lovers to try. Again this is quite a green opening floral and has the coolness to it. I very much like how this isn’t a blend where the rose becomes obnoxious, it just happily hangs out and provides backdrop, quite rare for a rose to not want to be the centre of attention! I really love this and how natural it smells, it really does smell like freshly picked flowers. Clara is a little more mature (like an older sister) whereas Antoinette is more vibrant and sparkling. I know I find myself comparing these two blends together because of their shared Moss and Bergamot notes, so I thought maybe it might be the same for a few others. Again I don’t really notice the moss or bergamot, mainly the floral notes. Very pretty blend that would make a lovely spring time fragrance. If you have Garden Gate from Solstice Scents and enjoy that, Antoinette will interest you greatly as well. Although they’re not the same floral blend, it has that lovely green opening and stay that I found with Antoinette.


Sassafras, Juniper Berry, Tobacco, Teak, Oak Moss, Sandalwood

To start off with, I had no idea what Sassafras is, so had to investigate. I found answers telling me things ranging from fruit loops to root beer . Overall it’s to my understanding that it is something sweet…which still doesn’t really help me xD Oh well. On opening this is quite heavy on the juniper and it smells a little spicy and warm. Wears down into a smoother woody finish, and the juniper really lightens up. Nice deep, woods with a hint of moss.  Whilst I’ve found most of these blends to stay the same throughout the entirety on my skin, Maynard definitely does go through a bit of a change, and should not be judged based on the first 10 minutes of wear, as it’s pretty much a different perfume by the time it warms up. I wasn’t so fond of its opening, but this deeper and more earthy base is more appealing for me. Also no, nothing that smells like fruit loops or root beer to me, so I still am not sure about the sassafras, going to have to grab that as an individual fragrance oil sometime.


Ginger, Bamboo, White Tea, Saffron, Grapefruit, Honey

This is definitely a little more grown-up and sophisiticated than just a pure grapefruit blend would provide. I really love the grapefruit note in this, it’s not sugary and it has the right level of bitterness to make me think of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Whilst it’s still quite a juicy blend, it comes across with more warmth, and has a bit of kick to it. The grapefruit lingers for a little while and becomes softer as time goes on, and the blend wears a little more deep and earthy, not much. The honey in this must be barely there or is a honey which I like, because my nose isn’t going into shutdown mode :P This feels really refreshing and I wish this was a soap or bath product, because waking up in the morning to a little bit of Pampelmousse in the shower would probably entice me to wake up a little earlier. If you’re after a grapefruit scent which isn’t too sweet or “plain”, Pampelmousse may interest you.


Saffron, Sandalwood, Honey, Lavender, Amber, Vanilla

Lavender, Amber and Vanilla. Could this be a repeat of the tough time I had with HRM Victoria?

Once again the Amber is quick to push its way to the front for me, however it’s not as potent as it was in HRM Victoria, so I’m happy that there’s more to smell :D Very creamy and plush, and bonus points for not being a potent honey blend as well! The lavender is not strong in this blend and I like the little spikes I get from it every now and again. I don’t notice the saffron or sandalwood as much, but the honey is really nice, and I may have found a honey note that agrees with my skin! Unlike HRM Victoria, the amber does die down after about 15 minutes and the vanilla and honey are mainly what comes through for me. Then it gets slightly smokey, which is a little bit of shock! Not like a bonfire, it’s a little hard to describe, but it’s not acrid at all.
Like HRM Victoria, this does last for an extremely long time on my skin. Victoria lasted well over 12 hours and this was even after washing my hands o.O Remy is a little lighter and didn’t quite last that long, but it was long enough that I didn’t feel the need to reapply whilst I was out for around 4-5 hours.


Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Bamboo

Ahhhhh herbal, check. Earthy, check. Cool and slightly damp, check. This is just simply gorgeous, and this is my absolute favourite of all the scents I have. In the opening there’s little fleeting moments where it has a bit of a cool sweetness to it which make me think of aquatics, but when I snif closer that doesn’t seem to be there, and I smell the earthy tones much more. It’s a little on the dry side, and has a vibe to it that reminds me of the smell of paper. Thoreau reminds me of (halloween limited edition) from Darling Clandestine, whereas Falter is slightly more creamy and a little soapy, Thoreau is a touch on the sweet side and isn’t quite as ’round’ smelling, and I hope that makes sense xD I could keep sniffing this on my wrist for hours upon end! A must have for those who like the masculine, herbal, slightly dry blends.

Overall, there were some big hits and big misses for me with some of these blends, but it’s not that I don’t find them well blended. Just that a) crazy amber amplification and b) I’m not a huge lover of traditional florals, and I’m not sure I ever will be, not unless they’re used subtley. My favourites are Thoreau and Dead Writers. The fragrances I have from Sweet Tea Apothecary are thoughtful and are ever so different to anything else I have in my collection. I definitely recommend trying some samples if traditionals are more your game, or just wanting to try some quality smells from a company not familiar to you :)