Last week I discussed about Lou Lou’s , and this is part 2 to that review. Apologies for the delay. We had company stay for a few days, so blogging time was put on the backburner.

This post is covering Princesses & Playtime, Clara, Egyptian Apples and Clara.

All descriptions from Lou Lou’s website:

Princesses & Playtime

This is a fruity, feminine blend of fresh raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, pomegranate, mandarin, grapefruit, lime, and fresh cut green grass with a touch of bamboo over a base of vanilla musk.

If you were after something “pink” smelling, minus the overwhelming cotton candy and sugar notes, this is going to be your best shot. The berries in this blend are indeed fresh and juicy, and there is nothing tart or jammy about them, which I find quite unique. It seems that most blends with multiple berry notes come across to be almost sticky and thick smelling, but this still has a bit of airy freshness to it. Until the dry down the berries here are most of what I smell, with strawberry being dominant for me. I really like the strawberry note in here, because I’m sure we’ve all come across some strawberry scented ANYTHING and it’s just been almost plastic smelling or it’s just too strong. On the drydown there’s a little citrus action happening, and the blend almost smells a little like apple! My skin does strange things :P The vanilla in this is not strong, so makes the perfect background to this fruity affair. Although this is all fruits, it doesn’t smell like a cheap body spray. Whilst it does have a youthful fun side, it’s delicate, soft and actually quite smooth so for those who appreciate more ‘mature’ blends might want to give this a try.


Clara is a blend of vanilla bean infused coconut oil, Somali rose, saffron, honey, shea, chocolate, amber, and leather.

This immediately makes me think of old things, not in a bad way, but it makes me think of velvet and the velour lounge my mum tried so desperately hard to keep clean (but with 4 kids in the house, it was more of a case of denial :P ). It just gives off an old world vintage vibe, and brings to mind a classic ladies’ boudoir, with pearl draped over wooden jewellery boxes, and silver trays with all sorts of lotions and potions. This is more of a storyteller than it is a mix of notes, and it’s why I find it very hard to describe. Nothing here really stands out as a dominant note (on my skin at least) but the blend itself is warm, airy  (but not in an ozonic manner) and dry. I don’t get anything creamy or sweet in this blend, but there is the chocolate that hangs around then seems to go in and out for me. For those after something more chocolately are not going to get it with this blend, but it is a nice touch. If you’ve smelled Aragon from Darling Clandestine, it smells a little like the chocolate note in there. I’m really trying to give a decent description for Clara, but it’s really one of those perfumes that needs to be tested to understand it, rather than have someone tell you their impression about it. Damn those storytellers!

Egyptian Apples

A delicious blend of red and green apples covered in honey, cocoa butter, and chocolate over a base of Egyptian musk.

I purchased this when I was trying to figure out if it was honey that I was not a fan of, and it confirmed my suspicions that yes, it is honey. So this review is biased because of my preferences, so I apologise in advance, but I have tried my best to neutral to blend and not let my preferences interfere.

The apples here are almost like smelling a freshly cut apple. I swear you can smell a little bit of the apple skins, it’s so identical to actual apples! The honey however is quite strong and almost dominates over the apples, to the point where it’s quite offputting for me. There is a little but of saltiness in the opening for me, which I’m not really fond of. I’m thinking this ‘saltiness’ is just my sense of smell not really being used to the nuances of the honey, and my nose just refuses it altogether :( Given a little time this strong honey recedes and the apple come back, still smelling crisp and fresh, they really do sparkle in the heady honey. I couldn’t pick out the chocolate or cocoa butter, but probably because I didn’t keep it on my skin long enough (sorry, I just don’t like honey that much!). If honey is something you love, then definitely try this one. If you’re like me and not fond of honey, well you can still try it, because I’ve noticed that there are *some* blends I’ve enjoyed that contain a honey note and I’ve enjoyed them. It’s all about the blend ;) This blend didn’t work for me, but maybe it will work for you!

Sweet Darkness

Black Leather and Dark Mahogany Wood with hints of black licorice, burnt caramel, black coconut, black musk, blackberries, black currants, black raspberries, and dark spices

First thing I notice is some tangy dark fruits…..and something burnt. It’s a little unsettling at first because I’ve not really had anything in perfumes with this burnt smell to it. It’s not unpleasant like burning paper, but it did set me back a little because whilst in the description it says burnt caramel, I was expecting something a bit more buttery in terms of the burnt smell. The blend in the opening is quite dry and almost a little sharp. Those who are not big fans of licorice or anise may appreciate this blend, because the black licorice in here is not strong, in fact I can’t really notice it that much in the overall blend. What I mainly smell are blackcurrants, leather and the burnt smell, which gets softer the longer it is worn. This isn’t a very sweet blend despite the fruits listed, it’s warm and does wear down to a smoother finish than it’s opening. The depth in this blend is lovely and it does smell “dark”, but it’s not my sort of dark. I like more dirt and earthiness in my dark blends, and I wish this did have a little bit of patchouli to tick that box for me, because I think a really beautifully aged patchouli would just melt into this and make itself so at home. I have a sample of Patchouli Sweet Wood from Solstice Scents, and I like wearing both of these 2 at the same time, because it really dirties it up for me and makes it a little more smooth. Overall I don’t think Sweet Darkness is one I would wear by itself, and I probably will continue to layer it with patchouli or something equally dirty.

Lime Margarita

Lime Margarita is a refreshing blend of limes, mandarin oranges, lemons, vanilla rum, sea salt, and musk. This blend contains lime and orange essential oils.

Remember me going nuts over how zingy and just overall delicious Mojito was, well Lime Margarita is it’s sweeter sister for those who want a straight up citrus love affair. I could honestly just sniff this all damn day and not get sick of it. It’s strange, I’m not typically a fan of citrus for perfumes, but the citrus blends from Lou Lou’s really hit the mark for me and they feel special. The citrus here is smoothed a little, probably by that vanilla and I don’t really notice the salt here. Honestly, this is definitely one of those “as advertised” scents, where you know what you’re getting, and I don’t think you could possibly think different. The lemon and limes here are more dominant over the mandarin, which provides just the right level of sweetness to balance the zippy and sour lemon/lime combo. When I mentioned that lime note in Mojito to become a little dim the longer you wear it, it definitely holds its shape in Lime Margarita, and whilst it loses some of the initial tingle, it’s still very refreshing and bite-y. If this was drinkable…. :P I would say this to be unisex because it’s not really all that sweet or feminine, and I’m sure it’d be loved by both lovers of the feminine or masculine scents. It won over this masculine/herbal/woods lover ;) Definitely a blend that is full of energy and vibrancy.

Green Chamomile

Green Chamomile is a blend of chamomile tea infused coconut oil (carrier oil), chamomile tea, Roman chamomile essential oil, green grass, and green amber.

Green, green, GREEN! More of a herbal green rather than a sweet green, and does have a little bit of a dirty hint to it, but not much. For those who have been delighted and charmed by the sinister Vardogr from Darling Clandestine, consider Green Chamomile to be  it’s cheerful, day-light loving counterpart. This is one of my favourite bedtime and bath scents because of how quickly it calms and soothes me. It’s a little more simple than other blends, but it’s simplicity is stunning. I’m terrible with picking up amber notes, unless my skin amps them to ridiculous heights, but what I mostly get from this is a beautiful, almost dry green grass (nothing like a freshly mowed lawn. More like you’re rolling around on the grass.) and a fresh chamomile. A cool yet comforting fragrance, and I really like this one in the oil burner as well. Has a surprising depth to this as well. This is my favourite of all the Lou Lou’s perfumes, and even though Mojito and Lime Margarita charmed the pants of me, Green Chamomile has my heart, oh most definitely.