is a place I’ve shopped with on a recommendation from Evonne (of Darling Clandestine notoriety), and I have always kept meaning to chat about Lou Lou’s more often on this blog, but I always keep losing my dram vials :x I am a beacon of organisation and tidiness! Well no more, the world needs to know more about this shop and I hope this might persuade some people to go and check the shop out :)

I’ve only tried the perfume oils, but the store also offers soaps and other bath time goodies. I’m going to break up the perfumes over a few days.  Note: I do have a full size of Mojito, but I have misplaced it amongst my hoarde, so I’ve included it with the dram chat. I also have misplaced Fig & Tea, and when I can find it, I will make sure to update this post or give it a post on its own.

The goods: Pirate’s Punch, Scarecrow 2012 and Sweet Winter 2012.

Dram vials can be purchased for $4 – $4.50 and the mini dram vials (mine is older packaging – for Clara) sell for $2.50. I’ve found Lou Lou’s to be VERY affordable for those wanting to try a handful of scents at one go. Also, international (non US) can contact Evelyn to arrange for an international shipping quote :)

All descriptions taken Lou Lou’s webstore.

Pirate’s Punch

Pirate’s Punch starts out with a vanilla bean infused coconut oil base (vanilla beans infused in the carrier oil for four month). You may get a vanilla seed in your perfume that made it through the straining process. I then added notes of Tahitian vanilla, coconut, lime, bay rum, verbena, and mahogany wood along with some added spices.

** This blend is a limited edition as some of the components have been discontinued. **

This opens so smooth and buttery, I want to rub this all over my skin! In the vial the coconut and vanilla dominate with a hint of lime, but when applied on the skin the lime bursts and it’s a really nice tangy lime. The coconut here is a really nice natural type of coconut, no hint of the obvious suntan lotion coconut at all with this blend. I’m only recently beginning to appreciate coconut more and more in perfume blends (it’s just been a matter of finding coconut that isn’t in a gourmand/foody blend.) so forgive me if I can’t describe it any better for you. As it dries down the lime is much softer and the creamy vanilla is much heavier than it was initially, with only a slight hint of coconut and the tang of the lime replaced with a deeper mahogany twang. I wouldn’t call this gourmand, but those who enjoy foody types of scents will appreciate this one. Pirate’s Punch, to me, doesn’t smell like something I’m ready to eat, it does have a “perfume” quality to it which at least for me doesn’t make this “this smells like a dessert” territory. This one is a morpher, and it morphs quite quickly at that. For those who want the lime to hang around longer, Lou Lou’s has another perfume that will keep you happy, Lime Margarita (I’ll post the review on that later this week.). I know there are many perfumes around which have this combination of coconut, lime and rum, but just like not every cup of tea is the same, neither is every perfumers take on a classic. Definitely a must try for those who adore this classic combination, and for those who want to be reminded of warm, sunny days. Most definitely unisex.

Scarecrow 2012

The original Scarecrow from 2011 with some additional notes added. If you liked the original version then this is a perfume you do not want to miss. Scarecrow is a blend of pears, red apples, pumpkin butter, juniper berries, eucalyptus, spruce, cedar, Doudlas fir, and other woods and berries over a base of copaiba essential oil and white musk. This year’s version has touched of green grass, blood oranges, sweet oranges, black musk, and more pears, apples, and pumpkin butter. I would describe this version as Scarecrow Original with a kick.

I never had the chance to try Scarecrow 2011 so I cannot comment on any similarities/differences.

There looks like there’s so much going on in the scent description, but when they’re all put together it really does make sense and nothing is fighting against each other to get your attention. A complex blend that also goes on a morphing trip. The fresh pears and apples open this and add a bit of lightness to a murky base. The dry down comes and so does a dry, dark forest. This is the phase I like the best and I sort of wish the whole perfume was like this :P The cedar is crisp and not at all pencil shaving-esque, and the other woods give it a hint of astringency. I don’t find the woody stage here to be smooth or dirty. It’s all a little prickly and fresh, and it makes you feel that you’ve walked around a forest and have had the prickly evergreen needles brush on your skin. The woods are backed by a faint deep sweetness, nothing sticky sweet, but it’s more on the fruit side. Not sure what it is, but I like how it ties back to the initial fruit notes. That deep fruit note amps up on my skin after more time warming and changes the tone of the fragrance again, and there’s a slight smokiness maybe? It’s very faint, but it’s probably my nose  just confusing it for something else. Another unisex fragrance, that is definitely appealing for those who enjoy their darker scents and woody notes.

Sweet Winter

Sweet Winter is a blend of winter flowers, cranberries, peppermint, vanilla, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, and fir needles over a base of sandalwood and musk. This year I have added frankincense and myrrh to the original blend.

** This is a limited edition blend **

This opens with a surprise, it smells a little like black cherry! At least that’s how it comes across to me at first, a black cherry mixed with the fir (which does not smell strongly like pine or that dreaded pine-o-clean!). Giving it a few minutes on the skin reveals a tangy side, which I’m finding difficult to describe.  I’m quite surprised that this blend isn’t sending me running with those notes of marshmallow fluff and whipped cream listed, because if they’re here they’re blended really superbly as to not be obnoxious and steal the attention. If you want a toothache inducing perfume, I don’t think this will interest you. I’m not smelling much floral in this blend, but I think it’s because my skin is just turning this into something cherry-esque. This is honestly one of the hardest perfumes I’ve tried to describe, because what I was expecting from the notes I just don’t get from my skin chemistry at all, well in bits and pieces, I can smell the fir and a little frankincense. Sorry that I can’t be more helpful on this one! Highly recommend you grab a sample if the notes interest you and see if your skin does better than mine!


Mojito is a blend of rum, lime juice, sugar, muddled spearmint, and a dash of club soda. This blend contains spearmint essential oil.

I don’t drink alcohol anymore, and when I did it wasn’t cocktails or mixed drinks, so I have no idea what an actual Mojito would smell and taste like, but I’d like to make myself a non-alcoholic Mojito because this is pretty damn delicious smelling. I love how the blend smells like it has some fizzy bubbles in it, at times it almost smells like it has an ozonic quality to it because it’s so crisp. I also equally love how it isn’t very sugary at all. This isn’t particularly complex, but hey, who cares when something “simple” smells this damn good. This is more grown up than the typical teenage citrus fruits phase (duh, RUM), but it still has the youthful burst and feel, not to mention happy. When I put this on it’s just an instant mood booster. So refreshing and has made this non-foody person want to reach for the vial and drink it. I won’t, but damnit it’s tempting to do so. Perfect for everyone, except maybe those that dislike limes and fizzy things. Whereas Pirates Punch was a creamy, tropical vibe, Mojito is sparkling and punchy. I think this may be ones of those scents that will appeal to most people, and I would not at all be surprised if this was not one of the best sellers in the shop. Now I seriously need to find the full size, because it’s already 30C in September and I will probably want to wear this around as the weather warms up.

I’ll have the rest of my Lou Lou’s smelly stash later on this week, with the more feminine perfumes and then the full sizes.