With so many indie perfumes laying around, I’ve decided to actually try and finally get some reviews of my perfumes out of the way for this month. Last month was a terribly inactive month on my blog (getting used to the back to uni routine coupled with a bunch of assignments thrown at me all at once) and I was hoping to kick start it in to activity for September.

The focus is to try and review a different perfume each day, but there may be days where I clump together more than 1 perfume for review, or I may review an entire purchase lot (I have a few of those coming up). So not everyday will be focussed on an individual fragrance. To start with, I’m backdating from the first and grouping together 4 perfumes for this post.

Four samples of perfume oils from Solstice Scents, one of my absolute favourites. Today’s features: Lavender Vanilla, Master Bedroom, Outpost and Violet Mallow. All descriptions taken from Solstice Scents website.

Lavender Vanilla

Lavender Essential Oil paired with sweet creamy vanilla and smooth French Vanilla. The lavender essential oil starts out powerfully then descends into the background as the creamy vanilla emerges. After some time on the skin, the vanilla takes center stage as the primary and lasting note, enhanced by a ghostly memory of lavender

Lavender is my favourite flower and I absolutely adore the scent in any manner/combination. I know the smell of Lavender to some people comes across as medicinal, floor cleaner, or stale pot pourri bags. I really like herbal lavender, but I know a lot of people don’t, so Lavender Vanilla should be a scent those people may enjoy.

I have to agree that the lavender at the beginning smells quite herbal and sharp, however the vanilla really pulls through and softens and blends it down really nicely. I can’t explain this vanilla clearly as it’s not something I’ve come across in other SS scents (I’m not a very big vanilla person, but do appreciate it from time to time.). It’s reminiscent of vanilla cake frosting, and at times I find it to be quite a sugary note. However on the dry down the vanilla becomes softer and loses this foodie quality, and makes me think more of vanilla extract rather than vanilla frosting. The lavender seems to completely fade away at this stage.

I have this as a sample, but I’m not sure I want a full size, only because sweet/sugary types of scents do not appeal that strongly to me, and I was really hoping the lavender would stick around but it doesn’t happen on my skin. I can definitely see many foodie/gourmand lovers appreciate this perfume

Master Bedroom

Soft Musk, Sandalwood EO, Amber, Clove EO, Myrrh EO, Vanilla, Aged Patchouli EO, Champaca Absolute & Aged Sandalwood Attar .

This perfume is apart of the Manor Collection lineup and is only available during autumn.

In a way Master Bedroom reminds me greatly of another Solstice Scents fragrance, Cascade of Gold. Cascade of Gold is a little more fruitier, warm and lighter in its feeling (not it’s scent!) wheras Master Bedroom has a darker slightly more robust and cooler edge. It must be that stunning sandalwood in both that’s linking them together for me, it’s so soft and smooth. It has a headiness to it, however it’s quite floaty and delicate at the same time, it’s quite difficult for me to explain. I don’t find the patchouli to be very dominant in this so patch haters may not even notice it in this blend.

Master Bedroom has an incense type of vibe to it, so may not appeal to those who are not fond of that style, with that being said though it doesn’t not smell smoky, at least not to my nose. It has a natural sweetness to it that at times is almost reminiscent of bubblegum, ever so slight of bubblegum, but there is a slight earthy base to it to keep it more mellow and give it some base. It’s sort of floral in a way, and I’m pathetic when it comes to describing florals, because simply I don’t encounter enough floral perfumes xD This is seriously one very smooth operator, and smells ridiculously silky! I would probably say this leans feminine because of the sweetness, but there is probably enough earth in it to probably attract masculine types as well.

I’m not sure if I would go for the full size as I’m still tossing up whether I prefer this or Cascade of Gold. To my nose ( and this will be different for everyone of course) I feel I can do with just the one of this style of perfume.


Sugar Crystals, Spruce, Fir, Soft Woods, Bayberry,  Mistletoe, Amber.

This is a Winter collection perfume and may or may not be back for Winter 2013.

Not sure how this happened but this turns out quite fruity on me! I don’t know what bayberry or mistletoe even smell like (wrong hemisphere) but I’m definitely getting a fruity vibe xD For such an ardant hater of sugary perfumes, why on earth did I get this one? BECAUSE FIR, SPRUCE AND SOFT WOODS. Come on guys, how can I resist some good smelling wood (minds out of the gutter, please have some decorum whilst reading my blog! tsk tsk tsk!)?

It actually doesn’t come across in a cotton candy sugar manner at all, and I am really pleased with that. I think maybe those who adore the sweeter things may be a little disappointed that it’s not going to give you a cavity when you smell it! It’s mostly for me a mix of that mystery fruit type of smell mixed with the fresh evergreens. This one starts out quite crisp but it really doesn’t take long at all for it to become very soft and understated. It’s initial fresh green burst dies down and is replaced with a more mellow woodsy sort of scent. If we ever had a ‘real xmas tree’ I would imagine it to smell something a little like this, with xmas candies hanging off it :) Definitely unisex, and this would make an excellent room fragrance as well to use in your oil burner!

Violet Mallow

Marshmallow Cream, Violet Flowers, Vanilla Bean, White Musk

I know. I’m surprised I got this one too. At the time I was on a quest to try to smell everything Solstice Scents had on offer, so this is how this one slipped in ;)

If you know Solstice Scents, you probably have come across their almost signature mallow scent in one form or another across some of their blends and it’s blended quite beautifully in to this. You know, I think I actually like it :P It opens a little green, like the violets are at their absolute freshest and were just picked the second you applied this to your skin, and it sits on top of the marshmallow which surprisingly  isn’t obnoxious and loud. It’s quite soft, so for those thinking this might not be a scent for those more mature (read: older than 16) could wear, that is certainly not the case. I like how in the opening there seems to be a tiny burst of green, or at least what my skin is amping it to be green xD

The whole perfume is soft, understated, and has that ‘classic’ feel, that it will never go out of style. I’m really quite surprised I enjoy it, but I reallllly prefer my perfumes to be masculine/woody/herbal/earthy/dirty.