My break from uni is over already and now I am back cry/happy. It’s always a love/hate relationship :P

This semester I’m taking 3 subjects, I was supposed to be taking 4 but I dropped one of my subjects because it was a 3 hour lecture 5-8pm, and I wouldn’t be getting home until around 11, which is dangerous and scary in the neighbourhood that I live in, for me to be walking home in the dark, even if I bring D along with me. Not to mention the day after I would have to be up at 6:30am, so I wanted to give myself a chance at sleep and to get home safely :/ Anyway, so 3 subjects it is!

This semester I’m taking Chemistry B (kinetics and organic chemistry), Molecular Cell Biology 1 and Introductory Biotechnology. Cell biology and Int. Biotech are going to be awesome, because it’s finally getting in to more subjects that are relevant. Still diddling around with chemistry, but I hope I can get through this one as well. Molecular Cell Biology is going to be amazing because we get to work with actual human patient lymphoma cancer cells, which is something I’ve never done before. I’m incredibly excited to get back in to these molecular techniques and running gels and assays, because it’s something I haven’t done in about 6 years. Mah werd, that sounds like a big number xD
Introductory Biotechnology is run by the same teacher I had Microbiology with last semester, and he remembered and noticed me in lectures and lab, so I kinda feel like a big head now lololol and it was nice that he actually remembered me out of many hundreds of students. Seems that not all teachers are just robots afterall :P So we’re going to be doing another isolation project, but this one is more junior, as the course is a first year course, and I’ve already done the second year version, so I should be okay :) So I only need to worry about Chemistry, and I should be able to kick ass once again. Still crossing my fingers though xD

So yeah, I’ll probably be sporadically blogging again, and have no time for swatches xD I’ve got all these perfumes to review though…so this is probably the kick in the pants I needed to get going with those!

Nothing really exciting over on my end, just going day to day :) Hope you’re all well!