Not a fan of sticky, ultra shiny “my lips are made of shiny plastic” lip glosses? Neither am I. I just don’t like how they make the lips look unnaturally devoid of natural texture (no, I don’t think chapped lips look attractive, but seeing the natural lip lines we all have and not have them covered by a thick, sticky gloss is something I prefer.) and getting hair stuck on my lips, which honestly feels worse than walking through a cobweb.

Lip glazes from Kiss My Sass are a perfect hybrid of a gloss and a liquid lipstick. I even hesitate to call them a lipgloss because they don’t feel anything like a gloss! There’s a pretty wide range of colours in the lip glaze family ranging from neutrals to more unique colours such as yellows and blues, as well as sporting a variety of finishes that the glosses come in such as creams, shimmers and colour shifts. I currently have 5 lip glazes in (descriptions taken from KMS website):

  • Broken Wings – light creamy nude with a bue-violet sheen
  • Caribbean Escape – light salmon with a blue sheen
  • Innocence – peachy nude with a golden glow
  • Poisoned Apple – light burgundy with green sparkles
  • Summer Lovin’ - fuchsia with a green shimmer

All these colours are vegan, but there are lip glazes which aren’t vegan (they include carmine in the ingredients), so do make sure to pay close attention when ordering.


The lip glaze, as I mentioned earlier, is a non sticky, liquid lip product. To me, this is what I would think Fyrinnae’s Lip Lustres would be like if they were less solid, and more liquid based. They have a very similar texture, with the glazes of course leaning to a more slick feel on the lips. The glazes do not feel greasy or thin, and they’re not super thick either. It’s the Goldolocks texture for me, in being “just right”. It does feel quite light on the lips, and doesn’t dry my lips out.

The glazes also come with the option of being flavoured/scented. All the glazes I have are in the Marshmallow flavour, which to me smells like a rather sweet vanilla. It’s not very strong in scent or taste and disippates very quickly, which I appreciate. There is a list of flavour options for you to choose from, but from memory when I purchased the glazes they were already ‘pre-flavoured’, so I didn’t get the chance to do so.

My absolute favourite is Poisoned Apple , and is my go to when I’m not wearing oranges, I really love it that much. I thought it would’ve been a scary colour, but it’s a very wearable colour and the shimmer in it does make it quite a unique colour. Personally, it’s one of my all time favourite lip colours in my whole collection, and that says a lot considering how much I adore orange lip products.

Broken Wings I find to be too pale to use straight on my lips, unless I apply a sheer layer, the opaque application in the swatches is just too stark for my preference. For me, it will be best used as a layering product, particularly for the darker and brighter colours I have. I don’t think I’d want to use this over any neutral/nude lip colours, unless they were pulling too brown on me.


They do not last very long, maybe an hour before I feel the need to reapply for the lighter colours and an hour and a half for the darker/brighter colours. The more shimmery finishes such as Poisoned Apple and Summer Lovin’ leave a slight stain on the lips and they leave behind the shimmer finish, which is nice, so my lips don’t have that obvious wearing away appearance to them.

The lip glaze formula, in the colours I have, can achieve both a sheer and more opaque finish. I did notice however that with Innocence it was difficult to get a more opaque finish as it pooled on the inside of my lips very easily and became streaky. When applied moderately, Innocence still gives a semi opaque finish, however my base lip colour is quite pale, so I cannot attest to how it may cover up more pigmented lips.


The glazes come in rather unique packaging, in that they’re housed in squeeze tubes, but have a doe foot applicator wand built in to the cap. I really love this packaging and find it to be quite clever, because maybe it will be easier for me to squeeze out the last few dregs of product when they’re near empty :)

Labelling is very clear to read and denotes the flavour used, full ingredients list and denoting that it is a vegan product.


Full size glazes are $8 USD. I purchased Innocence, Caribbean Escape and Broken Wings for half price during a sale last month from the . Any products in the Etsy store are ready to ship, so there’s no TAT involved in making the product.


All swatched over my bare lips, in indirect natural lighting.

Bare lips for reference (with clear lip balm over them in this phot, but not worn underneath.).

I’ve layered Broken Wings over a bright orange lipstick, just to show how it can work to tone down a bright colour.

This is a by Innoxa

Lasting Impressions

I’m very fond of the lip glaze formula, and am definitely  grabbing some samples in the future :) It’s definitely one of the best non sticky ‘glosses’ I’ve found to date, and that nearly all the glazes are vegan AND from an indie seller very much tickles my fancy! It can be tricky finding vegan lip products at times, so I’m sure Kiss My Sass will soon become a haven to vegan makeup shoppers. Oh by the way, Kiss My Sass also offer vegan lipsticks too….maybe I ought to have D take my wallet now…or just start planning for xmas early xD