This is the first new brand that I’ve tried in some while. I became a little put off trying new companies a few months ago due to hearing about various indie brands doing varioud dodgy things. So it’s taken me a little while to get back in to the swing of  ‘trying something new’. 8 Bit Cosmetics is a company I had not heard of before, but came recommended from a group of indie makeup lovers. They had a July 4 sale not that long ago, so I figured it would be the perfect time to try. So let’s get cracking on this review then!


is an indie cosmetics brand that currently creates and sells eyeshadows and cosmetic glitter blends, and her wares are currently for sale through her I have not heard anything about this brand before, so everything is entirely new to me. There are various themed collections, which have a little bit of a ‘cult following’ theme to them. There’s a variety of bright colours down to neutrals, but I am not sure of finish variety, as I have not tried every shadow on offer.


I ordered samples of each colour in the Brassy Bits collection, which is definitely a collection based on a steampunk theme. I’ve been going a little ridiculous for neutrals this month, and this collection best suited my interest. The Brassy Bits collection features metallic, shimmer and semi matte finishes, and all within a bronze, copper, greys, brown, tan colour scheme. All the colours I received were blended very well, there were no clumps of unblended pigment, and were all very smooth.

Descriptions of colours taken from 8 Bit Cosmetics store

  • Cog – light gold.
  • Steampunk – light bronze shade.
  • Rivets – dark blue gray.
  • Spats – very earthy dark brown.
  • Bronze – warm rosy gold.
  • Aether – This black has just a hint of gold shimmer and is loaded with gold reflecks.
  • Armature – This gold is just a hair too orange to be considered a true gold.
  • Gaslight – white eye shadow is loaded with gold reflecks.
  • H.G. – very light tan shade
  • Verne – very earthy light/medium brown.
  • Mechanic gorgeous gold with a black undertone.


I’ve found that these particular colours to apply, and forgive my terminology here, rather dusty. Yes, I know, these are loose powder cosmetics, so that sounds like a contradiction. What I mean is that I found that when either applying to the eye or just swatching on my arm there seemed to be a bit of dust that kicked up. On the eye, that translated to fallout under the eyes. They also did not feel as creamy to apply, however they were smooth. I am not a formulator nor an expert by any means, but taking a look at the ingredients there’s 1 ingredient which I noticed was not there which I typically find in most of my indie loose eyeshadows: Carnauba wax. This ingredient helps with adhesion and makes the product have a bit more grip to the skin. Perhaps this is why I found this collection of shadows to be ‘dusty’, as it were. That’s not to say they’re unusable, because they certainly aren’t! It just means that I have to delegate myself a little more time when applying as not to give myself more fallout.

Blending with these eyeshadows was pretty good, and I had no problems blending out and I did not experience any bald patches or colours being blended into nothing. Impressed with that! All the colours in this collection have good pigmentation and there are no sheer colours in this collection.

This is a quick look I did with 3 of the colours: Gaslight, Bronze and Mechanic , all over DeLeon Cosmetics eye primer. I’ll be posting a FOTD photo later on for this look.


Samples have the option of either zip-loc bags or clamshells. I chose clamshells. The clamshells were adorned with the company logo sticker, and on the bottom a sticker showing the ingredients. Only 1 of my clamshells did not have an ingredients sticker on them, and was probably just an accident, as all the others had their ingredients listing on.

All the labels are printed clearly and are easy to read. All the colours that I purchased were vegan colours, and did not come with a “vegan” label, but perhaps the non vegan colours come with a “non vegan” label. That’s always something that gives me peace of mind as a vegan shopper. I certainly know what to look for with ingredients, but maybe there are those who have recently made the switch and still learning on which ingredients they would like to avoid. That’s just my personal opinion :) The clamshell packaging itself was quite sturdy and felt very secure, excellent!


I purchased the collection of samples when there was a 20% off sale. Regularly samples cost $1 USD in both zip-loc bag and clamshell packaging. If you prefer to have your sample sent to you in a full size jar, there is a listing for an empty full size jar (5 g jar) for you to tag on to your order. The additional full size jar is 50c USD, so samples in full size jar packaging are $1.50 USD.

The listing says the sample is 0.5 g of product, I’m not sure how that equates to teaspoon measurement, which is what I am used to when it comes to samples. However this is definitely more than enough to get many uses out of, and to get a feel for the product. The pricing of these samples is very affordable and you do get a decent amount of product to work with.


The fun part! All were swatched over Detrivore Original eyeshadow primer, and photographed under a daylight light bulb inside a light box.

Lasting Impressions

Overall I am quite fond of this collection.  The formula of the shadows isn’t my favourite, as I favour eyeshadows that have carnauba wax in them, however they apply smoothly and have good pigmentation. Colours in this collection that I like the most are Steampunk, Bronze, Rivets and Mechanic. The rest of the colours in this collection are similar to colours I already own, with the exception to Gaslights, which I quite like how when you rub the white out it leaves behind a very pretty gold highlight. I love the overlay that Steampunk, Bronze and Mechanic have, and Rivets is a perfect grey for those days where I don’t want to use dark brown or black in the crease. Overall, this is a store I may visit again, just not right now as I have shades which are quite similar to their existing collections.