Are you a cat person? Sometimes I think I am because of the copious amounts of sleeping I can achieve on a weekend, but then I see a pug and I know that I’m a dog person, or maybe I’m just a pug person? Regardless, even if you aren’t a cat person this collection will surely tickle your fancy if you adore neutrals and shimmery colours.

The Meow Meow Meow collection comprises of 5 office friendly, neutral colours which have been inspired by cats of BRM customers. I find that very adorable :) All the colours are quite shimmery, and some may benefit from a sticky base however overall your favourite primer will suffice and will cut down the sheen level if that is what you prefer.

Sample bags are $1 for 1/8 teaspoon, $2.50 for a sample jar (your choice of included sifter) which holds 1/4 teaspoon or $6 for a full size jar (your choice of included sifter) which holds close to 1 teaspoon (changes if you want a sifter with your jar, in which case it holds 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon, as the sifter does take up space in the jar.).

The descriptions of each colour, taken from the Black Rose Minerals website:

  • Theo – A light fawn with green sparkles.
  • Sushi – A light beige with purple/lavender sparkles.
  • Mochi – A light brown with pinky red sparkles.
  • Tiger Lily – Neutral peachy tan with just a touch of pinky red spakles.
  • Sirius A smoky grey base with heaps of green sparkles. It looks like ground up emeralds.

Here’s some swatch photos of the entire collection, I hope you enjoy :)

All swatched over Pixie Epoxy and photographed under a daylight light bulb, inside a light bulb.