A few week back I posted my first experience with Shiro’s custom glosses , and a few days after I made that post my second order of custom glosses arrived! Already impressed with my first order I was too excited to get playing with these. After seeing on the Shiro facebook fan page that customers were selecting lip safe blushes as choices for their custom glosses, I had to choose that option too. Not sure why I didn’t think to choose a lip safe blush to customise in the first place! So I chose 1-Up and Gelato Beach from the blush range. I wanted a sheer dark red, so went with Philosphers Stone, and I’m quite happy with how the sheer version once again can be applied for a heavier opacity. Also…it wouldn’t really be a lip product order if there wasn’t orange somewhere, so Oktorok happened. The best thing :D It reminds me of the Halloween gloss, and I’ll have to do a swatch comparison of both soon.

With all the swatches I have done a ‘normal’ application and then went back for a more opaque finish. I found that with 1-Up, I didn’t really see a noticeable difference between adding another layer of gloss, compared to the original. I am assuming it is the nature of the colour; a shimmery pale pink. Just wanted to touch on that incase there was any wonder as to why there isn’t a photo with 1-Up with heavy application.

This is also with the new packaging. Last time I mentioned that the glosses were originally packaged in pots, and I had decanted them into lip gloss tubes. Now they come in squeeze tube packaging, as shown, and are MUCH more convenient! The new packaging also notes the opacity level of your gloss, which the last didn’t, which is a nice touch if you have ordered 2 of the same colour but in different opacities. Note: in this photo Gelato Beach has photographed to be quite saturated, it is not that bright in person. Just my camera being fiddly >.<

Say hello to new hair as well ;) Ever since the cut I’ve found myself focussing on haircare, but that’s a post for another day.

All swatched over bare lips, and taken in natural, diffused sunlight.

Bare lips for reference