About a month back I decided to get started on swatching my stash. It’s going to be a slow and very tedious process, but I do want to get it done. In the months to come, this is going to look more like a swatch blog then anything else, and I hope it doesn’t appear like too much spamming! Seriously though, there are SO many gems I’ve rediscovered, because typically I wear them once, then stash them away into my drawers and tend to forget about them. Not cool :(

I’m starting with the brand I have the most product of to swatch, Black Rose Minerals. So for a little while my swatch picture are going to be products from Black Rose Minerals. I do have a Shiro lip gloss swatch post planned for next week however, but anything else cosmetically related, BRM for now.

Note: all the cosmetics I will be swatching are vegan products. I do not purchase any eyeshadows that are not vegan. So for any vegan readers out there, or people who prefer to use vegan cosmetics, enjoy the overload of pretty goodness :D

This group of swatches were swatched over Pixie Epoxy and photographed under a day light bulb in my lightbox.

My absolute favourites of this group are Penelope and Bittersweet. You all know by now that I have a serious issue with orange, however let’s all just take a moment and look at Penelope. Did you see it? Look again, I’ll give you some time. Crazy beautiful, amirite? I don’t wear pinks/mauves often, but that is a seriously stunning shade. It would look so good with Bittersweet on the outer v!