I don’t have many Orly nail polishes. They don’t sell them in Australia, as far as I am aware. Well, apart from that one afternoon I found a bargain bin at Priceline which was full of old Orly polishes, haven’t seen them since though. I know Orly are vegan friendly, but they always seem to be at the back on my mind. Probably because I can very easily access Essence nail polishes from Target. Not saying they are both the same, just that if I can pick something up, from up the road, I will.

This is using an Orly polish that I purchased back in the middle of last year….and I only just got around to wearing it…3 weeks ago. o.O This is Space Cadet from their much loved Cosmic FX collection, which was released back in 2010. I picked this up from ebay.

It’s such a beautiful colour, and I decided to put a flakie top coat over it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to ruin a good thing, but it turned out pretty good! :)

I wanted to try wearing Space Cadet on its own, that is, with no dark undercoat to help it along. I found 2 thick-ish coats were good! When it came time to remove, I did notice yellowing on the tips of my nails, which were not there before I put this polish on! :O In future, I probably will put a coloured undercoat. I wore my usual base coat, but yeah, that yellowing >.<

What’s doing?

  • Orly – Space Cadet – 2 coats
  • Australis – Crystal Colour – 1 coat
  • A-England base and top coats