I’ve been pretty bored with doing my nails lately, and I am always envious of those artistic nail bloggers and all the things they can do with the swish of a detail brush, or with plain old sticky tape. Especially sticky tape. Fiddling with strips of tape didn’t seem too difficult and foolproof by my lazy standard, so I gave it a try. Just a simple triangle at the base of the nail, because baby steps.

Pluto Trinagulation? Well, triangles + the colour combination to me is reminiscent of Sailor Pluto :)

What’s doing?

  • Face Of Australia (Barbados collection)  – Let’s Go Scuba Diving
  • Bloom – Bettina II
  • A-England base and top coats

You can see in parts where the polish went under the nail, or I pulled the tape too slowly. Oh well. I guess it isn’t 100% foolproof, but it’s easy enough for me to keep trying (and also help me work my way through colours which I don’t wear that often).