It’s been ridiculously humid and hot over the past few days. What do I expect, it is summer, and I do live in Australia. Humid summers get me every time. I’m not  beach wandering folk so I prefer to stay indoors with a fan/air con on. The smell of the ocean and the idea of the ocean however does seem appealing, so some fresh aquatic type scents are just the ticket for sticky days. I don’t actually own many types of this perfume, as I am more of a resin/woods/herbal type, but I am becoming increasingly attracted to them as this heat lingers on.

Today’s Scent Of The Day is Oceanside from One Hand Washes The Other . This was a new, limited edition offering from the 2012 Summer catalogue.

Official scent description from OHWTO:

“Oh, if I could only coax you overboard, to leave these lulling shores, to get you oceanside”… Inspired by everything ocean-y, most especially my little home by the seaside salt marsh. A cool Ocean breeze, Monoi de Tahiti, Beach grass, Sea moss, Tuberose, an oversized white Linen shirt, and Rockrose and Mimosa blossoms. Gorgeous.

On first sniff this has that crisp, fresh cotton type of scent which immediately makes me feel more refreshed. Smells like there’s a little twist of something fruity, more on the citrus side. Cool ocean breezes definitely come to mind when you first put this on, as this smells very ‘blue’ and light. I wouldn’t say it’s watery, it definitely has its own strength, but it is a lighter fragrance which is what you want on warmer days.

After a few minutes the florals emerge, and they’re so delicate and refined. They don’t overpower and turn this into a tropical scent, they’re definitely in the background. They ever so slightly smell a little powdery to me, maybe it’s how my skin is transforming the florals.

Light, breezey, blue, fresh, a faint breath of gentle florals – this is Oceanside, and isn’t it what you want when you want to go to the real ocean side? Like it says in the description: Gorgeous.