Since my last life post, things have been considrably better! Dot points for ease of reading!

  • EMPLOYMENT. I managed to squeeze my way into a christmas casual position at one of our leading department stores. So yay for some dollars and recent work experience. I very much look forward to milking that employee discount and upgrading our kitchen wear. We really need some new pots. I won’t bother buying cosmetics or perfume there because, well, they don’t really have anything I would want or suits my wants/needs. So yes, it’s going to be good to be able to get out of the house a few days a week and be out and about. It’d be nice to be able to buy D a nice gift after all these months he’s been helping me with dollars and such.

  • MY HAIR. I have dyed it black. See above as to why the change. Last time I went black was in 2006, and it was from that experience that I found out that my hair and strong ammonia based dyes do not mix. That was a period of my life where my hair was falling out more than usual, and had my doctor thinking I had PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome), which I am glad to report I do not have. Also, stupid me back then, dyed my hair with 2 permanent blacks within 5 days of each others, so that didn’t help much also! I am not sure when I will be able to have bright colours back in my hair, but I’m not hating black at least!

  • LEARNING NORWEGIAN – JEG SNAKKER LITT NORSK. It’s been an ambition to learn Norwegian for about 5-6 years now. I dabbled a couple of years ago, but I gave up for reasons I can’t remember. With all this free time I’ve been ‘granted’, I decided to put it to use to finally move on to becoming bilingual. So far I’m moving at a slow pace and am building up my vocabulary. I figured it would be easier for me to pick up words first, then go to the big guns and sort out the grammar. It’s quite satisfying to learn new words and phrases everyday. Even though I’m only going at a pace of 10 words a day, it all adds up, and I don’t feel that I’m going to slow or quickly. I’m currently using Memrise to pick my vocab, but will be learning how to figure out to use Anki, so I can build my own vocab list. It’d be nice to be able to know the Norwegian words for household objects I see around me, so I can then try and wrangle a sentence around the house on things I see. Sort of how like some people put post it notes around the house when they are studying for a big test.
    I am on a quest to find any Norwegian translated copies of Harry Potter. I’ve found a place online but, um, I am not paying $80 for a Norwegian translated Harry Potter :/ Why Harry Potter? Well, I find the series enjoyable, I am familiar with it, and it might be an interesting way to learn. So I would have the english and the norwegian copies side by side.

  • ETSY SHOP. I have the business cards printed, I have thestore graphics made, I have the packaging materials, I have the materials to make what I want. However I am stuck :/ II’ve got all my polymer clay supplies, and I keep finding more techniques I want to try, which only seem to hinder me. I keep getting sucked in to looking at all the new things instead of just creating ‘right now’. At this rate, I’ll be happy to open the store before xmas xD

So that should have you guys all updated :)