Some time ago I stock piled some Essence nail polishes when I first found them in my local Target, and I hadn’t worked my way around to wear them. Which is stupid, because Essence is a pretty kickass, and not to mention CHEAP BY AUSTRALIAN PRICING STANDARDS, company for nail polish. I also had some B by Bloom Cosmetics nail polish (the range that Target Australia sold for a year, but they aren’t selling anymore. You should be able to find them for $5 in the bargain bin section in the cosmetics department at your local Target, if they stocked them in the first place.) which I hadn’t used yet, so decided to combine the two. I really liked the way this turned out, and the colour reminded me of jam!

I also decided to test out the Essence Gel Look top coat, as I purchased it specifically for glitter polishes. I’ll be honest, I need to test it more. This topcoat, whilst it did make the glitter smooth, it did cause my polish to shrink, and you’ll see that from the photos, most evident on my ring and middle fingers. Maybe next time I should apply my regular quick dry top coat and THEN put on the gel look?

  • China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
  • B by Bloom Cosmetics – Memphis
  • Essence – Time For Romance
  • Essence Gel Look Top Coat
  • China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat