Have you discovered the sparkly goodness that is Innocent + Twisted Alchemy ? If not, ERMAGERD! Not really, but I+TA (because I am lazy tonight and want to abbreviate) have some absolutely knock out eyeshadows, and now I hear they are offering pressed blushes! Sadly I am not able to try the blushes, as they contain carmine, but fingers crossed for some vegan friendly blushes in the future!

For today I have some swatches of various colours in the permanent collections. You’ll notice straight away how much sparkle and shine these have. Keep in mind that I have swatched over Pixie Epoxy (a foiling medium) so they will be very shiny. If I had swatched them over my regular primer (DeLeon Cosmetics eye primer) they would not be as shiny and lustrous, but they would definitely still have sparkle to them. On to the swatches!

  • Lost In Despair (Hell Wonderland collection)
  • Mowie (The Lurvlies collection)
  • Weed Whacker (Endless Rain collection)
  • Lineday (The Lurvlies collection)
  • Innocent (permanent line)
  • Toxic Lotud (The Lurvlies collection)

Photographed outdoors in indirect sunlight, and swatched over Pixie Epoxy