I’m going to start this off with a little backstory. Nail biting. Used to do it. Keyword here USED. This year I managed to stop biting them, after about 21 years of doing so :P I have memories of being 5 years old, and biting my nails. I know I was a nervous child, but I think also it was just one of those things which happened out of boredom too perhaps. Regardless, I’m now a reformed nail biter, and have been since about March of this year :D It’s incredibly vain I know, but for the first time EVER I feel proud showing off my nails to people. I don’t have to make a fist with my hand if I’m showing something like a ring or a bracelet I’m wearing. I haven’t had crazy hangnails in such a long time, and my cuticles are no longer dried out, peeling and being ridiculously sore. yay :D However with this habit gone, it’s brought forth a new one – polish addiction lmfao Not really. I have about 20 bottles, which is pittance compared to some nail bloggers I’ve seen :O I’d like to make some franken polishes of my own someday too (just need to find someone in Australia where I can find a clear suspension base, because I don’t really want to have to buy 20 bottles of clear polish).

Getting back to the point! Tonight I’d like to post some pics of Tristam from A-England . I have a few A-England polishes now, and they are amongst some of my favourite in my little collection. The rainbow holographic polishes are freaking magical, and you legit cannot not stop looking at your nails every so often. Or watch how the rainbow shifts in different lighting *_* Someday, I’d like to own 1 of everthing Adina makes and even try out her base+top coat. Everything from A-England is vegan, and whilst they are more expensive (9 pounds, which is roughly around $13 AUD) I’ve found that they are totally worth it.

Tristam makes me think of traditional dark blue denim, and makes me remember back to the early 2000′s, where glitter denim was the trend (you all know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, you must be born circa 1994 onwards then :P ) So on to the photos :)

The next photo was taken indoors, directly under a ‘daylight’ bulb, to show more of the rainbow holographic sparkle.