Hey guys! Welcome to the first post of August (wow August already)! Not much happening on my end, I have been tempted to make some personal posts on here, but then end up not bothering to do so. Anyway, last night I ended up making a DIY light box (made it from an old carboard box, some baking paper, and white cardboard – and now I can take more professional looking product shots for my blog posts. Let me know how they look, as I’ve been fiddling with my camera’s manual settings as well :)

My latest post is a review of a wonderful, little indie store I found on Etsy, .

I stumbled across The Mindful Mushroom after typing in a generic search for “oakmoss perfume oil”, and made an order for some sample perfume oils. The store sells perfume oils, as well as a myriad of other items such as eyeshadow, second hand books and hand made badges – very much a mixed bag! This time around, I was only looking for perfume, so I only purchased that. So let me begin my review on The Mindful Mushroom ! :)

What I ordered?

I ordered the for US $12.50, with shipping to Australia at US $4.00. I ordered the following scents

  • Ancient Forest
  • Druid
  • Dryad
  • Green Woman
  • Wanderlust

As you can see, I tend to favour a specific set of scents in perfume (herbal/earthy/woods) and all of these samples contains these notes.


The sample vials are clear 1ml glass vials, with a printed label wrapped around them. All the samples I received were full. The perfumes have a base of Hemp Seed, Grapeseed, Sunflower and Rice Bran oils, so they are perfect for those who have nut allergies and cannot wear perfume oils which are suspended in Sweet Almond Oil. All perfumes are vegan friendly, so any notes which you’ll see of honey, milk chocolate, cream etc are synthetic.


This is perhaps some of the most delightful, and indeed mindful packaging I’ve ever had samples sent in. The samples came wrapped in a page of an old book (looks like I got a page of the dictionary :) ), and nestled into a brown cardboard box, amongst dried rose petals! The presentation was so beautiful and I was floored over it. I still am. I am a fan of minimal plastic packaging, and The Mindful Mushroom delivered that to me. The box arrived in a standard padded envelope.

Fragrance Impressions

Ancient Forest

Take a stroll through this ancient forest. You will be enveloped by a mysterious and haunting blend of cedar, birch and spruce trees, creeping vines, spanish moss and winter berries.

Initial application/cold sniff : Sweet and fruity from the berries , with a hint of the sharp woody note of cedar poking through.

After 10 minutes : The berry note is still there, but very soft and mellowed. There’s a twang from the other woods poking through now, but the cedar isn’t sharp and really mellows out thanks to the moss. The moss isn’t very obvious, not until towards the end of wear, after the berry has faded. This will suit those who enjoy any berry type of fragrances, but if you’re a dedicated woods fan like I am, you may feel like this doesn’t quite reach the mark for you. I was expecting this to be more on the woody side, but it never quite reached that point on my skin. It’s still quite a pretty perfume.


Become one of nature’s magicians with this sweet and earthy blend of oakmoss, tobacco flower and heliotrope alongside woody notes of rich amyris.

Initial application/cold sniff : Starts very crisp, bright and has a herbal-sweetness to it, like a sweet grass type of smell. It smells a little like how plants and trees smell after it’s been raining.

After 10 minutes : The crisp opening has faded, and the brightness is muted by the emerging wood and moss. The wood and moss are not very strong, as the creamy florals peeking through too. It smells very balanced, and nothing is competing against each other. A nice smooth dry down on this one.


Breathe in the spirits of the trees with this natural mingling of moss, allspice berries, fresh eucalyptus and bay laurel. This goes way beyond the forest realm.

Initial application/cold sniff : Eucalyptus is very dominant, and it has a bit of a spicy edge to it. This initially smells very masculine, crisp and borderline medicinal, however you won’t need to wait long for a little magic to happen ;) Quickly the eucalyptus subsides, and the moss settles in, which smooths and tones down this perfume. After about 3 minutes, this smells very much like a masculine “clean” fragrance, and I wish I could explain it better than how clean skin on a man smells like :x Sorry guys xD It very much wears like a second skin for a little while.

After 10 minutes : The eucalyptus seems to have dropped entirely, and is replaced by a spiciness from the bay laurel and allspice, and at times it reminds me of a cologne my dad used to wear. There’s also something a little sweet that pops up every now and then. It’s a very pleasant and dry perfume, which definitely leans masculine. If you do not like masculine types of fragrance, you will not be happy with this. However, if you enjoy them, or want to try something a little more on the herbal side, definitely give Dryad a chance. I just wish the eucalyptus would’ve hung around for longer!

Green Woman

Mysterious and wild she runs through the forest leaving behind her an ancient aroma of woodland moss, loamy forest floor, lavender, rosemary and cedar.

Initial application/cold sniff : A very herbal and green opening,and conjures up the image of toiling in a little herb or flower garden. The greenery mixing with dirt. I love how this opens. It’s so comforting and refreshing. It has a tinge of something spicy to it. After a short session, the beautiful fresh green opening fades down and reveals the underlying moss, which becomes the dominant note

After 10 minutes :  The moss is still in play, but there is a sweetness drifting through, which makes me think it could be the lavender, but it smells a little creamy, so I’m not sure. I very much enjoy this scent, but I feel like I’ve missed the cedar somewhere along the way. Perhaps it was in the opening, because in the dry down if it’s there, it’s very subtle, because this stage is all about the moss, on my skin anyway. This is definitely for herbal/earthy fragrance lovers, and those who prefer a subtle fragrance. I would say this is more unisex more than a masculine leaning type, because of the sweet herbal note that comes in and out.


According to J. R. R. Tolkien-Not all who wander are lost.
This wandering soul carries with him olive blossoms, cypress trees, blue sage and rosemary,fresh moss and wild poppies. Along with a myriad of memories.

Initial application/cold sniff : VERY green and has a little astringency, which may be the cypress. It reminds me a little of the opening of Druid, but whereas Druid had a more bright and sweeter-grass opening, Wanderlust is almost peppery in it’s greenery. Lovers of ozone type fragrances would love how this opens. I don’t want to say it but….gahhhhhh so fresh!

After 10 minutes : The astringency is now faded, and replaced with smooth and herbal sweetness. I can smell a little mossy/dirty combo happening. If I had to give this smell a colour, I would give it a grey-green colour, I don’t know if that makes the slightest bit of sense xD It smells on a more darker side, but it’s not dramatic as it still has the herbal and greenery going on to lighten it up- bring it up to grey for me :P and the green part…well, that’s obvious haha.

Each of the perfumes wear quite close to the skin, and the only time someone else can really tell from a distance you have perfume on, is when you first apply it, like any perfume. I found that these oils lasted for around 1.5 hours on my skin, which is about average for me. My skin seems to drink up perfume oils!


I was quite impressed with the depth of each, and how even though they shared similar notes, they each were VERY different smells. With only Druid and Wanderlust having very slightly similar dry downs. Whilst the strength won’t knock anyone over, they are concentrated, and you won’t need to use much oil to get some fragrance magic happening. Of course, like most perfume oils, they wear close to you, so you’re not going to be obviously announcing to everyone you’re wearing perfume. However, I did order herbal/mossy fragrances, which are quite low wearing fragrances, but I imagine the same would be true of the more fruity and sweeter fragrances in her store.

I definitely recommend The Mindful Mushroom for their perfumes, and I’ve already made another order for more samples of perfume, and I’ve also ordered some eyeshadows as well to test out.