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Detrivore Cosmetics - swatches

Detrivore Cosmetics – swatches

I’ve been meaning to swatch these colours for quite some time now. I picked up these from a previous 10 for $20 sale, probably back in January or December, can’t quite remember now it’s been so long! Please excuse how sloppy these swatches may seem, I don’t think I’ve swatched in about a month or...
SOTD #1  Solstice Scents - Dark Ginger Spicecake

SOTD #1 Solstice Scents – Dark Ginger Spicecake

The other week I was enticed to start a SOTD for my blog (scent of the day). I won’t be doing it everyday because a) I’m forgetful b) I’ll run out of perfumes to post about So for now SOTD will pop up every few days Today’s scent of the day is Dark Ginger Spicecake...
Whimsy Beading - Haul #1

Whimsy Beading – Haul #1

Over  a few months I was able to purchase a bunch of beautiful pieces of bead woven jewellery from Whimsy Beading via their lay-away program. I received these guys last month and have been meaning to show them off so hard, so that’s what I am doing this morning (oh yes, I am awake in...