It’s been quite a while since I’ve made an update on the blog. It’s been a combination of laziness + tired from uni + “I’ll do it on the weekend” + getting uni work done, so please do forgive me for the silence. I have a midsemester break this week, so I’ll try my best to post some updates.

One of the updates I’d like to share is my crafting hobby, which is still quite new and daunting to me but I’m really enjoying what’s coming out of it. I posted a few months some of the earrings I had made, and since then I’ve made quite a few more pairs. I haven’t ventured out into bracelets or necklaces yet, mainly because I am still trying to make up my mind on what type of chain I like best xD So for today/this evening/whatever time you operate on, I’d like to show some of the earrings I’ve made. Once again, nothing ground shattering. I am definitely finding that I work best with earth and dark tones – which I suppose is something that cannot be helped, as anybody who has seen my wardrobe knows that I have an abundance of black, grey and brown items. Even though I don’t believe in astrology and such, I guess being  aware that I am a) Capricorn b) earth alligned c) Saturn is my ‘ruling’ planet , has invaded my subconscious and reflects into all these pieces hahaha.

Smoke and Chains

I am terribly obsessed with the Black Diamond colours that Swarovski and Czech Crystal beads offers. It feels like one of the colours that connects and resonates with me. I love that the Black Diamond beads always seem to have this mysterious smokiness but give off sparkle at the same time – so to me it feels like a connection between night and day – which is how I feel my personality is. I have quite dark and cold aspects to my personality but I can quite easily flip it over and be warm and nurturing. Anyhow, I really like using chain in earrings and hope to get some more soon. Chain is so perfect for creating sharp and edgy pieces, but gives them feminine movement as well :) I need to dip these into some Liver of Sulfur (no actual liver involved, no idea why it’s called that, but there is very stenchy sulfur!) so the brighter silver metal can be darkened. Using Czech Glass rounds, bicones, cathedrals and chinese crystal beads.

Chocolate Caramel Balls

Just somethis super basic and simple. I ordered some 12mm czech glass bead, purely to see how big they are. I know I can estimate, but still, I wanted to feel how heavy they would be in the ears. Surprisingly there is little drag on the lobes with these dudes so they’re comfortable to wear and I don’t feel like I have them on most of the time. Sometimes the simple treasures have elegant beauty, and that’s how I feel about these. I know these are not unique, but you know, I love them all the same.

Dragon Blood Drops

Identical to Chocolate Caramel Balls but with some differences. I polished the bead cap to make it have some more shine, and I made these ones a day after CCB when my package of antique bronze style headpins came in the post, so as you see they meld in more with the ear wires. Using Czech glass beads once again. These are the Garnet Czech beads, which can look almost black if they aren’t lit up. I prefer the garnet to the cherry red. I can’t help myself with darker variants of colours -_-

Bronzed Autumn

These were the first pair of earrings where I played and manipulated the ear wires. The ear wires I have are the spring and ball type of hooks, so I wanted to see if I could remove the spring and hook. Turns out I can :D So I popped on some more czech glass beads, and ta da, pretty and simple ear wires. So to keep things simple, just a simple metal leaf charm was added directly to the ear wire. This little experiment has made me interested in how people make their own ear wires as I have some ideas I would like to try out.

Princess Tears

I’ve had these bead caps for quite sometime and didn’t have many ideas on how to use them. Then an order of these grey rondelle chinese crystal beads came in and they seem to match quite well with them. Chinese crystal beads are quite nice, sure they are of  a lower quality, but many of the cc beads are quite clear and look very airy and light. Plus, they’re factted so hard, so they bounce off light really well. Also popped in a black diamond (hello friend) czech bead at the top. These make me think of tear drops in a way, and princess? Well, I don’t know, they just look ‘princessy’ to me xD I can’t decipher everything my brain interprets!

Honey and Cream

Another go with the jewelled ear wires. Made these purely to go out of my comfort zone. To me these scream femininity, and I feel rather uncomfortable being ultra feminine. I haven’t worn these yet, and am not sure with clothing I can wear these with, but I am happy I made them. I tend to make earrings which I love the look of, but they don’t get worn because they seem to conflict with the style that I seem to have going. *shrugs* I have a new Squirrel print jumper these might work with…maybe xD Made with Czech Druk beads, czech glass beads and metal filligree beads.

Chaos Spirals

It certainly did feel like chaos spiralling out of control trying to get my hands on these beads! These are handblown glass hollow beads, and it was hell trying to find this colour and in this size (about 12-13mm). Most of the handblown hollow glass beads seem to be around the 18-22mm mark, and after finding these smaller beads I’m going to go and try the bigger size, probably for a necklace. These glass beads are brilliantly durable, case in point ; I dropped one of these onto a tiled bathroom floor, the drop would have been over 1 m, and no damage done :D These are using kidney wires (to be honest I don’t see how these resemble a kidney in anyway xD but what have you!), so I didn’t want anything too complex, so this little design seemed to fit them perfectly. These beads caps (that’s just one bead cap made to look like 3) are awesome, and I’m definitely going to use them in more designs.

Forest Nuts and Berries

I really like using chain when making earrings, because like I said before, they give me a little edge to dirty up the pretty that an item has. Which makes it wearable for me :) I plan to make this design in a couple of other colour variations, maybe a dark blue and purple theme as well as a black diamon variant. Come on, you saw that one was coming ;) Made with czech melo, cathedral and iris brown beads, as well as a metal filligree bead. Need to try and see if I can find these bronze metal beads in a gunmetal colour, or at least silver so I can oxidise them myself.

Lightning Spheres

These are made with black crackled agate, cazech glass rondelles and labradorite, so these make up my very first gemstone earrings :) How perfect does the agate look? Black – check, white – check, interesting pattern – check. I’m still trying to figure out if I should oxidise the bead caps in liver of sulfer, or leave them silver. I am a big fan of labradorite. You can’t really see here, but the beads I have of this geme have a blue flash which pops up in particular lighting. Will really have to try and find it in larger stones. These are one of my favourites of all the pieces I’ve made so far.

So, about the giveaway part of this title…yes, I’ll be giving away two pairs of earrings (I’ll make two pairs of your choosing, except the Chaos Spirals, as those beads are really hard to come by and I used the only two I had xD) from this new “collection”. I’ll also chuck in a few little surprises as well, because why the hell not :D

To be apart of the giveaway please use the rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions there. The giveaway begins April 7th and close April 21st. Of course this is open to International readers also :) You don’t have to do everything on the rafflecopter list, the only thing mandatory is leaving a blog post letting me know which 2 pairs you’d like to win. Everything else is optional and are there for extra entries if you choose to take that up.

Thanks for getting through this post, and best of luck if you decide to enter the giveaway :)

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