Naked Elements is an indie, mineral cosmetics company which can be found on Etsy, which are all vegan and use organic ingredients as well. I have never purchased from this store before, and also it’s my first time with mattes. So firsts all around :) I ordered 8 eyeshadow samples and 2 blush samples.


All swatched over Detrivore Original primer, and taken in outdoor, indirect sunlight. Please click to enlarge :)

These are the 2 blushes. Swatched heavily, then blended out. Swatched over bare skin.


I’m not very used to mattes, so when swatching, I definitely felt a difference applying (felt like there was more grip as the brush went over the skin, best way I can describe it. My first time with matte style shade, and I am very impressed. All the shadows were finely blended and applied smoothly. Same with the blush. The blush is really easy to blend out. No streaking = success. Strawberry looks rather scary at first, look how bright and bold the colour is! It blended out to a rather pretty, and natural looking blush colour. Love it :) All of the product I received was highly pigmented, and I did not need much product at all, so I can definitely see these samples lasting a while!
These are more on the natural side of the colour spectrum, does that even make sense? What I mean to say is, that whilst some of these colours are quite bright, they are natural colours you’d probably find in the outdoors.


All came in brown recycled paper envelope, and the sample bags were padded/wrapped in newspaper. I really like the reclycing angle of this store, and I greatly appreciate it :) The samples came in longer style sample bags. Nothing much more to say, but that’s fine, because these are only samples afterall :)


I asked for a custom listing – which was 10 samples for $10 with $1.50 shipping. Each sample bag (of blush and eyeshadow) contains 1/8 teaspoon. All shadow and blush samples are $1 each.


I really enjoyed the samples I purchased, and want to shop again for more blush samples. I have a personal preference for matte blushes, and naked elements has quite a range for me to choose from. Are these out there colours which dazzle? Depends on your definition of dazzle. These colours aren’t bright, but they do have excellent pigmentation and great coverage which will give you a bold look, or you can tone it down to have a more neutral/muted look. They are quality, smooth colours, and the samples are very reasonable. If you prefer more natural colours with your makeup, try Naked Elements :)