This is a review and swatch session that has been a long time coming, but I just kept having other things I had to do. However, I am glad to finally be putting up this post on Linnaeus Cosmetics.

Linnaeus Cosmetics is run by Marin, who is a veterinary student and all round lover of all things animal, which is reflected in her company and product. All colours are based on inspiration from animals, from vertebrate to invertebrate, marsupial to avian etc. The name of the brand, Linnaeus, is derived from the Linnaean taxonomy system, that biologists use to classify all species – thought I’d share some scientific love! On a personal level, I was already in love with this company just from these details alone. Science + cosmetics = winner. Not to mention that everything for sale is vegan, which is another big tick in the box for myself. The website (from memory and with thanks to google cache images! – currently the site is closed, but will reopen) is very nicely put together, clean, easy to navigate and shows clear pictures of the item, as well as posts a picture of the animal that inspired the colours.

Swatcherooni Time!

All colours were swatched over Pixie Epoxy. Click the images to see the enlarged version for more detail.

Taken in direct sunlight

Taken in the shade, outdoors


All shadows gave smooth and pigmented application. I had trouble with Cyranose because of the glitter content, and found it had the sheerest base compared to the rest. Even though Cyranose is a lovely colour, it’s my least favourite. The glitter in this shade seems to get everywhere and I had to be more careful with it, even though I was using a sticky base :( I might try using Cyranose as a glitter liner, I think it might be more appropriate for that use on me than as a lid colour.  All the shades have a shimmery sheen, no dramatic sparkle (except perhaps Cyranose) and with the neutrals I have, I would think they make very work appropriate shades. Charismatic and Lanky are my favourite shades, they’re both so vibrant and will be on my face during summer constantly. Lanky appears to have a golden colour shift to it, but unfortunately I didn’t capture it well :( I wouldn’t say it was a duochrome effect, but there is a subtle shift of colour most definitely.

The sample bags were labelled fully with a full ingredients list and whether the product was not lip safe.

Pricing & Packaging

I ordered the sample bags, which were 10 sample bags for $10. The sample bags are larger than what most other bags I’ve received in the past, but the size of the bag doesn’t bother me in the slightest :D The samples have 1/4 teaspoon of product, so you’re going to get plenty of usage from them. Everything arrived in a bubble envelope, and had an awesome sugar glider stamp on the back :D I wish I had kept the envelope it arrived in! Inside was my items, receipt, a handwritten note from Marin along with some extra samples :)

Customer Service

Top notch! I hadn’t realised I had made an accident during the checkout process. Stupid me had put in 11 choices instead of 10, I had 2 samples listed as choice 7 or so xD Marin was kind enough to send the 11 samples I had ordered for the price of 10, as well as throw in 3 samples. Please don’t be as silly as me and make a mistake during checkout ;)


Linnaeus Cosmetics has a strong theme which I identify with on a personal level, and the products I received were all of high quality. Will I order again? YES. I’d like to purchase some full sizes, especially in Lanky and Charismatic, as well as pick up more samples. Currently the store is closed, but it will reopen on November 24th, where a new collection is poised for release which has got me rather excited :D All information regarding the reopening of the store can be found here at the