Oooof, so much to get finished! – beauty related

I did have plans to get some swatches done, but it’s cloudy and raining outside. Which is never ever a problem for me. I love weather conditions like this. Just not good for swatching :( I’ve been thinking about using my daylight light bulb to help get the lighting conditions working, and photographing the swatches inside a lightbox. I might try it out later and see if anything comes from it, but I’d rather use my sometimes nemesis, the Australian sun, to provide me with optimum lighting conditions.

So here’s a list of previous orders (many dating back from August – September) which I seriously need to get around to swatching for you guys. I cannot provide a review on the company because it’s been so long, but you can still take a look at the pretties :)

  • Bokeh Cosmetics
  • Scaredy Cat Cosmetics
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics
  • Re-swatching my old Shiro Cosmetics swatches (the older photos are horrible)
So there’s going to be a buttload of swatcheroonis happening around here xD