Darling Clandestine Halloween Pefumes 2012

Another Halloween perfume review that is very late, I’m sorry guys :( I really do lose track of time, then I start thinking that maybe I’ve already posted something, but of course I haven’t >.< Well here it is now, maybe they might be floating in the shop for a little while after halloween *fingers crossed*

I ordered the Halloween set of 4 all in full size. This is Darling Clandestine, I don’t need to make sample purchases anymore. It’s like a 6th sense that I know that I am going to love what it is and there’s no need for sampling :) The bottles are incredibly unique and it gets my scientist side all foaming at the mouth. I’ve never seen dropper bottles like these used for perfume before, and I find them very easy to use. I use the glass dropper as a ‘stick’ and just swipe the perfume over the skin. I don’t use it as putting a single drop on my skin as I find that’s too much for me, but whatever floats your perfume application boat!

My favourite in the collection changes constantly. The other week it was Spurn, but lately I’ve been really into Wither. I don’t think I’ll ever truly settle on a favourite to be honest. My next mission, is to layer these. I don’t usually layer my perfumes, but these are made for layering also, so maybe this is why I can’t pick a favourite from the bunch, because they all want to pair up with each other :)

As you can see I’ve been using Witer quite a lot ;) The bottles contain 10mL of perfume oil.


Fierce and passionate, with bright bursts of pomegranate, tempered with aged wood and haunted by marigolds.

This is the one that always makes me think of Darling Clandestine’s first batch of Cloudswing (because of the marigolds). It’s just a teensy bit spicy and the pomegranate is really bright and pretty. Spurn has a bit of an xmas vibe to it, but I guess that vibe is based on my own experiences xD At my mum’s house there used to be a pomegranate tree and it was always giving off fruit in summer, when our summer is. You could see it out the kitchen window, so if we’re sitting down doing the xmas lunch deal, you see it there. After leaving it on the skin the beautiful wood is about, and I do love woods in perfume! At this point it smells completely different from initial application. The pomegranate is no longer as bright and cheery and the perfume has an almost creamy quality to it which wasn’t there before. A morpher!


Deep and decadent, with rich fruitful notes including clove and nutmeg and sandalwood and ripe red apple.

Spicy apple :D I’ve recently discovered that nutmeg in perfume is something I really enjoy, and having it here makes me really happy. This really does have a beautiful crisp apple scent, not the kind of apple that smells like scratch’n’sniff junk or scented texta pens. Deep and decadent is right. Squander and Spurn are the two most obvious fruity type of smells here, but Spurn is much more delicate with the fruit compared to Squander. This smells velvety smooth, just the right touch of sweetness (we’re talking fruit and spice sweet, not sugar sweet) and I love the sandalwood in this. I think also I am becoming a sandalwood person xD Well I guess I should’ve saw that coming….wood. This might be up the alley of those who like foodie/gourmand types of perfumes. I mean, it doesn’t smell like an apple pasty, but I am sure you can appreciate the way this is put together. This makes me want to try and make up some sort of apple spice cake concotion now! if you enjoy Depravity from Haus Of Gloi, I really think you’ll like Squander also


Unsettling, ethereal, with notes including ozone and blueberry and trampled leaves, soaked in black rum

Very ozonic! This keeps making me want to smell this deeper and deeper. I do smell the blueberry and trampled leaves, but I have no idea if I’m smelling rum in this, as I don’t drink, so have no idea what particular drinks smell like. Regardless, the leaves in this win me over so hard. They smell like leaves that are drying out, but they’re wet because it’s been raining and they’re lying on the ground. This is a perfume that for me is all about autumn. It smells wet, earthy and muted, in the sense that it’s not bright but nor is it dark. Just like an autumnal afternoon sky. I’ve been wearing this one the most, mainly because of the earthy leaves in it. Give me leaves in perfume anyday and I’ll be happy :)


Startling, misty, herbal, with notes including avocado and ozone and clary sage.

Avocado. Seriously.

Who knew Avocado could be used in perfumery? I didn’t know, and now I do, and I’m quite impressed. This really does smell like avocado, freshly scooped from it’s shell and smeared all over your sandwich *drools*. I’m not saying this smells like an avocado sandwich :P The clary sage is here to back things up and it packs quite a herbal punch. It’s quite a soft herbal note though, nothing sharp or pungeant, just a really lovely complement. This perfume is sooooooo creamy and smooth, ridiculously so. This has an almost ‘soapy clean’ quality to it, which I guess is the ozone mixed with the avocado? I don’t know, but I love this. Kinda makes me think of clean skin. This is a very unisex fragrance, and I am sure even the most ‘burly’ of dudekind would find this not too out of their zone of comfort.

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