My apology is to D.

Sometimes I make really crappy pots of tea, so that I can always say “You make the best tea!” so that I can get you to make the tea…..because I am too lazy to make us some tea.

I’m sorry that sometimes I get a little shitty with you over small things, like when you ask me to play with your hair and I say no. Sometimes it’s just that you ask repeatedly, and I find it such a tedious task, but I know how much you enjoy it and how much it reminds you of time your spent with your mum when you were little. Mostly I’m just lazy.

I’m apologising for being a really lazy partner xD It’s all good though. I can make awesome lasagna, mexican rice and burritos. Sometimes I can definitely see why it’s not in your best interest to let an immense talent such as myself go.

I also would like to apologise for sometimes a few times a year I get those violent period pains that freak you out. Howling in your ear whilst you’re trying to rub my back cannot be easy.

Yeah…..I should apologise for wanting to occupy 2/3 of the bed instead of 1/2. I don’t mean to squash you whilst we sleep >.<

I apolgise that I haven’t devised a plan to get the local pug to follow us home and make that pug want to stay with us forever.

<3 you bumbum