I was originally going to do this with images, but I was having issues uploading with imgur, and I can’t remember where I found all the images from in the first place. Sorry, going to be another text post :(

In no special order of things that make me really happy

  1. Pugs
  2. Tapirs
  3. A good cup of tea
  4. When I don’t burn a cake
  5. When I pass a test for a subject I’m struggling with (got a 60% for my chemistry test the other week. My WORST subject. So excited I passed!)
  6. Mr D
  7. When the weather stops being disgusting humid and hot, and I can start wearing jackets and cardigans again :)
  8. Cheese and Tomato Jaffles
  9. Singing along with music. I may not have the best voice, but sometimes just being able to lose yourself in a musical moment is so much fun.
  10. My friends (local and even you guys that are on the opposite side re: WRONG, side of the world)

I do want to end with this picture, because this might change the mind of some Pug-haters >:x

Also, Tapirs are fun….don’t even try to deny it.