This is my first time swatching my very modest collection of . I had lost my FFC samples for a while, then I found them, and kept forgetting to swatch xD It’s taken me so long that some of the colours from my original order have been discontinued from the store xD I didn’t swatch those, because it doesn’t make sense to me to swatch a product that has been discontinued with it never to come back. After I finished labelling this bunch of swatches in photoshop, my 3rd order from FFC arrived (just the other day :D ) with more shadows and some blushes to try. Now, those I have sitting next to me with the hopes of being swatched in the next few days. This time I won’t be waiting forever to get to those gems ;)

All were swatched over Detrivore Original eye primer, and under a day light bulb in a lightbox.

My favourites here are Moonglow, Riptide, Smokebomb and Poison. I really want to try and wear Smokebomb and Poison together :) Smokebomb reminds me of a less intense (less glittery and less shift) version of Fyrinnae’s Steampunk. I’ll definitely do a swatch comparison with those two colours sometime.