I wonder how many will get the reference ;) No worries, I’ll provide a cheat sheet at the end so you can catch up.

First time doing an ‘accent’ nail, because I am typically anal about having 1 thing being different from the rest. However I liked this, and will try it again sometime :)

  • China Glaze base and top coat (same as always)
  • Essence Gel Look Top Coat
  • China Glaze ‘Stone Cold’
  • China Glaze ‘Some Like It Haute’

China Glaze ‘Stone Cold’ is a matte polish, so I decided to make it shiny by just putting on China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat. I don’t have a ‘glossy finish’ top coat, because I find this makes my polishes shiny enough for me. Used 2 coats. Then used 1 thick coat of Some Like It Haute on the ring finger. Topped that with the Essence Gel Look top coat, then put the fast forward top coat over that to dry it quickly. Some Like It Haute is a BITCH to remove. Last time I wore it, I just wore it on it’s own over base coat, about 3 coats…I ended up tearing some nails the day I had it on because of how snaggy the glitter is. You definitely need to put something on it to feed that glitter, because it’s going to annoy you until it gets fed.

Little bit of Eleni Trivia: Stone Cold polish was the polish which made me finally give up my nail biting habit :D Also, there’s another reason why I really dig this polish. I’ll explain shortly.

Here’s photos of what I did:

The other reason why I really like this polish….because it makes me think of him. It even matches his ring attire and his attitude xD Some of my most memorable childhood moments were spent watching wrestling with my brother and watching him go around the house pretending to be the texas rattlesnake. For his year 6 school photo he put his name does as Steve Austin for the lulz, nobody checked until after the school photos were already printed and everyone received them at school. LMFAO.

…and that’s the bottom line because personellietea said so!