I ordered some full sizes of favourites and some of the new mattes from Pollen Cosmetics recently, and am posting some swatches :) I am going to go back and swatch my existing Pollen colours, because my swatching technique when I did them the first time around is not very flattering, and these are very beautiful colours. So I’ll be posting some swatcherooni of those later in the week. For now, I have 5 colours to show you: Rare Find, Set In Stone, River Rocks (new matte), Summer Anne (new matte) and Dusk Teal Dawn (new matte). Dusk Teal Dawn was a sample that Lindsey popped in as a bonus, which I was going to get as a full size but didn’t have enough $$$, so it’s a happy coincidence. (so that’s why you won’t be seeing a photo of it in the jar. I couldn’t manage to get a good photo in my light box of the sample bag)

The following are swatched over Pixie Epoxy, and photographed outdoors in indirect sunlight. (I’m trying something new with my swatch photos. Taking closer individual shots. I’m hoping they show a little more depth, so you can see what I see.) Click the group photo to enlarge :)

I can’t wait to do a look with River Rocks and Summer Anne! It can be a very toned version of Hufflepuff colours (Hufflepuff Represent!) :) Have you tried Pollen Cosmetics yet?