Blush is one of those things that I used to not give a rats’ about. I really didn’t. I have a memory of attempting to wear some to high school (I think it was Yardley one of my mums…something with mauve in the title, I have no idea now) then not bothering with it again for…many, many years. Mainly because, I just forgot to use it. Well now I’m a little older, and much more interested in the cosmetics game, so I figured I’ve already come so far with the crazy number of eyeshadows I now own, time to shift attention to something else. So why not try blush again?

So I did, and I’ve been purchasing more blush as of late, and here’s some from Detrivore Cosmetics I’m sharing with you today :)

There are already some Detrivore posts here, so I’m not stranger to the company, and I hope you won’t be either, they really are a great place to shop with. I love their eyeshadows, and I decided to give their blushes a try. Now, not all the blushes available from Detrivore are vegan (the non vegan ones contain carmine), but there are a few which are, so I grabbed those in full size, which by the way, the price for is phenomenal, more on that later. Lucky for me, the main colour I was interested in, Harem, was a vegan formulation, so I was very happy. Look, I can’t help myself when it comes to oranges/peaches -_-

Detrivore description “Fiend is a dull pink color.” It is a dull pink, I think it’s a little on the mauve side as well. Very flattering colour for my light (neutral to yellow based) skin tone.

Detrivore description: “Harem is a red toned pink color.”. I would very much consider this a peach/orange colour, that has a red tone. I don’t consider it as a pink. Doesn’t matter though, because it’s a kickass colour that loves me, and I love it in return.

I swatched the blushes over bare skin, with the ‘stripe’ being a heavy swatch to show the indication of colour, and blended out to see…well how it blends out haha. Photographed under a daylight bulb.

Harem is the orange, and Fiend is the mauve-pink. No surprise that Harem is my favourite of the two. Both are matte shadows, that are very smooth and easy to blend out. If I could blend out this easily using my finger, imagine how easy it would be with a brush ;) Fiend is a tad heavy on the blending, but that’s my fault because I used too much colour.

The full size jars are 10g jars, and sold for $5 . FIVE DOLLARS. Do you see what I mean about the phenomenal price here? You can purchase the blushes here , and make sure if you, like me, are wanting to purchase a vegan product, to read the listing and double check the colour you like isn’t in the ‘contains carmine’ section, as Detrivore is not a vegan company, however they do provide some vegan products :)

Have you tried Detrivore’s blushes yet?