Ever wondered if there were people like you in the world who want to celebrate Halloween all day, every day? You need to get in touch with Robin of Hell Cat Cosmo then, because you guys will get on a tee-peed house on fire.

Hell Cat Cosmo is a one woman operation, which can be found on Etsy, providing all manner of spooky themed jewellery. Each item is hand made from resin, or hand sculpted from polymer clay, then strung up for you to go and dazzle the world with your darker side. Who says jewellery has to be understated? Wear it proud <3

I made a purchase at the beginning of July for 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings from Hell Cat Cosmo, with one of the necklaces being a custom request (based off an existing piece in the shop). So let’s get on to the photos and chatter than! :) I took photos of them in the light box, and on me, so you could get an indicator of size and how they look on you.

With my order came a lovely surprise. Look at the cute things >.< The little blue pouch is what the earrings came in :D I don’t dare to use the cake eraser, how could you dare to use that! The charm I plan to put on my phone, along with my other Hello Kitty charms :D

This is the custom necklace that I asked Robin to make for me :) I had asked if there was, or was it possible to make a purple version of . I don’t make it a habit to ask sellers for custom items, and luckily Robin had the time and resources to help accommodate my request! She also did an AMAZING job and made this a (currently) one of a kind item, because as you can see, the design is slightly different to the original, and I like the design more – extra dangly bits = extra fun :D Every step of the process was met with friendly customer service :) This is made from a Kuromi charm, with acrylic beads and components. The chain is a thick, black twisted link, and has an adjustable chain at the end for desired length. This is on the shortest length.

Glitter fans GET THY BUTTOCKS TO THIS SHOP TODAY! Look at all that sparkle *_* Isn’t it so beautiful? This is a resin cast with two stages, the top clear with the orange/gold/black glitter, and a black shimmery resin base. I love the witchy ghost motif. If there is ever an earring combo of these, GET OUT OF MY WAY because I’ll be first in line to purchase them. Best thing about this necklace is, it’s pretty darn versatile, and I can wear it with many of my clothes (it helps tremendously that my wardrobe is a sea of blacks and greys), but I can even wear this with my character shirts :) This comes on a ball chain, and can be cut to your desired length, either by leaving a note at checkout and having it cut before shipped to you, or you can cut it yourself with a pair of sturdy scissors. I didn’t cut the chain, as I like my necklaces on the longer side.

These are earrings hand sculpted from polymer clay, have a flat back and are attached to stud posts. These are incredibly detailed! I love the eyeballs popping out of the cauldron bubbles :D These are not heavy at on in the ears, even thought they look like they could be heavy. I have multiple piercings in my ears, and I can wear theses wedged between my other studs without a problem. These measure at 1.5cm at the width and 2cm in height, so these are earrings which will be noticed, and you will of course want to show these guys off.

Here’s how the look on the lobe. I have it on next to another piercing, on my other ear, I have 3 piercings there (this ear, the 3rd piercing closed up on me years ago, after I tore my ear lobe by getting a post stuck on a towel and dragging it down and almost cutting through the lobe o.o) and I usually wedge it between 2 small studs – no problem :)

Overall, I am really impressed with everything I’ve purchased and the wonderful, friendly customer service I received at all times throughout the transaction. All pieces are quality, handmade items. Nothing is just whacked together in 5 minutes, no bits falling off, or scratched pieces etc. Everything is put together and will last as long as you treat them with respect. Just like you wouldn’t throw a gemstone ring into a drawer willy nilly, you wouldn’t do that with any of these pieces.

I am looking to purchase again in the future, and have my eye on the anatomical heart necklace (and rumour has it there are earrings to match), and I highly recommend lover of all things halloween and spooky, go check out . Just don’t eat the doughnuts when you get there….trust me on that one.