It’s been a while since I’ve made a large text pos :O I’ll include some choice Tapir pictures for your viewing pleasure, so not to fear!

Just wanted to pop in and talk about some stuff that’s going on with me, and some plans I have for life and for the blog :)

We’ll start with the big one – university. I begin classes Monday, which is something I am absolutely looking forward to, and I just know I’m going to be sleepless the night before with nerves/excitement like a kid on xmas eve. It’s been a year since I’ve been in the lab, I just want to jump back in there. This semester I’m challenging myself academically – I’m taking a 4 subject load (full time). I had originally planned to just take 3 subjects, which of course would mean it’d take longer to complete my course and my reason for doing that was because in my very first semester of uni ever, I had a 4 subject load, and I found it stressful beyond compare, resulting in my failing a class and dropping to part time the following semester. That was 4 years ago (uggh what a depressing thought -_-), and I’m older, more study experience and actually doing classes I want to be doing, we can ignore chemistry, I’ve tried but I can’t do that xD. So I’m thinking that with this more mature attitude as well as a better home environment I will be able to handle it all better :)

On the subject of university, I joined some clubs/societies today! I joined the vegetarian society (they offer $4.50 lunches twice a week, and finding veg food on campus can be a hassle as well as expensive), anime club, pokemon society and….the quidditch society :O Yes. Quidditch. People play it, muggle style of course, and to great disappointment :( From what I’ve seen on youtube the game looks terribly fun, and looks like a way for me to get some serious athletic excercise in! I signed myself into Hufflepuff ;) So yeah, signing myself into social groups so I don’t become a repeat of what happened 4 years ago.

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Just to move away from the scholastic for a moment. My makeup stash. Is out of control. For me, it is. I’ve had nothing to do for the past 4 months, so I’ve been hoarding makeup and just not using it, primarily because the majority of my days were spent at home and why bother putting on anything apart from lip balm if you’re just going to be at home? So now I have over 200 eyeshadow sample bags…not even counting the jars :/ Something has got to give. Weekly rotation – that is what’s going to happen. I’m going to fill a little box with at least 10 shadows to use during the week (I’m at uni Monday to Friday :( ) along with other things to try and use up. This is going to help me stay organised and cut time in morning preparation. I live too far away from uni to screw around with oohin and ahhing over what colours to use that day, and then risk missing the train and wait another 30 minutes. So the weekly rotation is happening! Along with the weekly rotation, it’ll also help me with blogging, so I can post more lotds and reviews. So far I’ve only included cosmetics, but I really should think of a weekly rotation for perfume, but perfume is one of those things that depends on my mood, and to wear a perfume that doesn’t mesh with my mood leaves me feeling confused xD So I’ll make a routine post every Sunday night/afternoon with what’s going in the box, and then post the lotd on fridays or saturdays, in one big dump, as I don’t think I’ll honestly have enough time to post everyday.

There are still topics/themes I’d like to discuss on the blog, but it seems at this point beauty seems to be the main focus, probably got something to do with those 200 eyeshadow samples you reckon? So I will try my best to bring in what I originally planned. Unorganisation ftl :( In the month to come I hope I can post some articles on food/tea/manga. You’d be surprised how quickly I can knock through a manga ;) Anyway, that’s all for now, see you later tater.

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